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1/32 F4U1A Jolly Rogers,21st Century kit with pilot!

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Cheers buddy,

Some modellers are put off with the panel lines with these kits as they are views as tram lines,heh heh!

But I think this kit was one of my most enjoyable ever hardly any filler and the only poor point is the dowels you have to fill,but other than that a real pleasure which is why I managed to buy another from California!

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I think that would look really cool it is a very easy kit to work on and the reason I like so much is it goes together quickly!

A welcome relief sometimes from the state of the art kits we have!

I have another kit 21st Century ready for the Budweiser racer conversion!

It's funny because at the moment am half way through a 1/48 Hobbyboss Corsair The Fleet sir arm am building it as a bit of practice before the Tamiya Corsair!

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Hey Keith,this is all I know!

Well the 21st Century kits originally were released I think by Walmart for about $5 in US,too cheap to make a profit me thinks and modellers loved them and bought most!

We had a few make the trip over the pond and came up 4sale at about £5-7 in the Uk.

But not the Corsair this was always a bit more expensive and harder to obtain I think I bought mine from kit Krazy £20 a few years back and my last one from Kentuckey/US for about £40.

They did 1/32 Stuka,Messerschmitt 109G,Macchi,Zero and Corsair,funny no British aircraft!

I think I still have a Macchi and 109 or Zero to build in the loft!

The great thing about these kits they have plenty of potential as they are quick to build and the pilots are very accurate features from each country they come from!

There are good points and bad points to the kits but overall I think they represent good value and great subjects!

The only thing is the panel lines are maybe to large but you can always fill them a little or primer a bit more if you are not happy.

I personally think they are a fun build straight out the box.

I think 21st Century unfortunately went bust a little time after they started but think there are kits knocking around!

If you goggle it you may find some history about them!

I think they were part of the Ultimate Soldier series where some were prepainted models!

And I think these are still available as most modellers like to paint there own!

Hope this helps a little,cheers buddy!

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