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  1. Thanks Padubon, Am really calling this one completed so not sure if moderators can transfer this to finished builds! If you like me you like WW2 fighters then definitely one for the collection it looks good built or even in the box unbuilt the box art is fantastic and what was enjoyable on this build there was not many parts which is sometimes nice! I would definitely build another maybe Romanian or Japanese version!
  2. Thanks Gentlemen for your kind comments this is my first build of an alternate facts aircraft and a first model from the Special Hobby Company. I think they have made some new interesting aircraft kits for the builder in 1/32 as they are Limited run kits they aren't maybe so straight forward as a major brand but are worth a look and if your looking for some more inspiration look up Logan Hartke on Facebook he has some great air profiles that he wishes us modellers to use! Happy Modelling to all!
  3. Well my first finished build of the year and am very pleased with the overall result only one thing Special Hobby could provide two canopies instead of one! I cut my canopy into the three sections and it fits ok but the front needs filing at the bottom edge to sit neater and a pitot tube needs to be made out of turned tubing or a hypo needle! as the kit one is not so good but had some great enjoyment from this kit and every work bench visit a joy!
  4. Resin Conversion new in box with Miss Port Columbus decals Very rare set with decals £95 plus post £10 within Uk.
  5. Rick, Very cool kit and build up! I built this a few years back and opened all the hatches and engine bays,and used CMK's refinery interior! It was the Flying Tigers version looks a great project and nice scheme!
  6. Thanks Ralph, Have managed to get the white bands airbrushed and decided to do white wing tips as well which I think breaks up the tan a little. Some more work on the yellow on the undercowling and weathering!
  7. Rick, Thanks for your nice comments! Good to see you have a few interesting projects there. I enjoy your work especially with the Avenger and Lufwaffe subjects! Some great work in here! I want to finish this one first and have a few in the stash I build large scale cars F1/LeMans sports cars etc! So next is to finish Ligier 1/12 and then either a Corsair the Budweiser special or Kingfisher by Kittyhawk also have the 1/32 Raiden SWS which is very tempting! Do you know anyone that has a 1/32 Hobbycraft Sea Fury,am trying to obtain one! atb
  8. Well just a small update for this one a very enjoyable build and recommend if you don't mind a bit of work filling with white putty etc I think am going to adjust the tan line with the light blue to come down slightly further at the front of fuselage and airbrush the white bands on! Am thinking a feather edge may look better but at the moment like the tight masking line it will be weather yet not lots but subtle paint fading etc panel lines and smoke from engine! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  9. I like this model it's very attractive I built the Mark 5 1/48 Limited edition Eduard kit,but intstalled a spin and turn motor by tamiya. Is there a lot of difference parts wise between the Hi tech version and the normal one ,price is about £20 extra over here in Blighty!
  10. Happy New Year to all! Rick,thanks buddy am using the the StripStyrene item 124,(020 * 080"),or metric is 0.5*2.0,it's the 1/4 scale 1*4,made by the great&egoism USA,Evergreen scale models,Woodinville,WA 98072. Bought a while back at the Hobbycraft stores here in London,England. It's funny because I used this strip behind the engine cover panels on my Trumpeter 1/32 P40 Flying Tigers! and it was so versatile to use. The canopy is as you stated a little bit thick and looks not so good in one piece but I managed to cut in three pieces front,slider,and rear piece. I managed to achieve a great cut by using CMK's razor saw I think it's my best tool in my kit apart from the Olfa putter. I use Tamiya tape for a guide line erm the 6mm Tape and this avoids any potential mid cuts or slips with the saw. The rear piece is a bit fragile and I cut either side then finally in the middle! Would love to see a build from you on this one I reckon you could fit a Daimler engine in there but a lot of work as the bulkhead parts would be tricky but i reckon achievable! I do recommend building this one so far it's a bit different and my first one with Special Hobby but thoroughly enjoyable experience it goes together quick and looks ok maybe not the finesse of say a Tamiya/Hasegawa/Trumpeter. The paints intending to use are Tamiya acrylic colours xf59 desert yellow,xf23 light blue,xf1 flat black,flat red for the rear tail fin,flat white for the bands and wing tips,and flat yellow for the engine under cowling. Some Tamiya weathering sets and gun metal mig powders. I have assembled a pilot from the D9 Focke Wulf Hasegawa but he looks a little big as the cockpit is quite narrow,I think it was in real life!
  11. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Some pics of work carried out over the holidays have used plastruct styrene strip for wing joints and fuselage join just to make canopy fit better as its too wide for fuselage. Am filling these joints today and more pics to follow!
  12. Very cool project am watching with interest and anticipation,and feel your pain with Photobucket just too many cookies invading your space!
  13. Thanks Gents for the support! I admire all the work carried and posted on here some great talent! Rick,I reckon a late 45 version will be very cool! These Special Hobby kits aren't so bad,maybe a little basic cockpit wise but overall some interesting subjects that we can work with! Am looking at the Hawk 75 the Chinese version! But at moment want to finish this one! Have decided to use some turned stainless rod for the gun barrels. The openings need a little work as they aren't there! hehheh! And am putting a spacer in the rear of the fuselage to make the rear canopy fit better! Decals are by Lifelike the Otto set with the armoured car. They are nice decals will post more pics soon! Thanks4following! Merry Xmas and peace to all!
  14. Thanks Cees,just a few pics of wip and other versions courtesy of Logan! But it had to be Marseille 4me although the Romanian looks very colourful and I wish someone would build it maybe on here! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ [/u RL]​[/uR L]
  15. Well a while since posting and just had to build this little beauty! It's coming along quite nicely cockpit virtually finished and have decided to build it as a sort of what if! It did actually fly about 25 were made and the only survivor is at the Planes of fame museum in Chino painted in the propaganda markings Black green,green and light blue! For this build I am making it Hans Joachim Marseille yellow 14,sandy brown with a red rudder white wing tips and light blue under surfaces!
  16. Great work, Interesting display base and I like it as very neat idea.
  17. Thanks Guys! Really good site this am enjoying some great builds on here!
  18. Thanks Jim,have started the 1/32 Kingfisher by Kittyhawk so that will be next on the bench!
  19. Just a small update with the Muzzie,not quite completed but nearly there! Jut some small stencils to apply,landing lights and a light coat of varnish flat to semi!
  20. Am very pleased the 1:32 Hurricane kit arrived today. A nice box and more important the contents look very well. I particularly like the top surface of wings a mixture of recessed panel lines and raised rivets,also the fuselage looks the part! Resin wheels and gun barrels very nice,and seat. Decal options very good four options as my version was the Tropical. A nice booklet containing the instructions. The etched fret looks ok,although am not sure how it will bend to shape! But great to have a set of seatbelts to start with,maybe a set by radu could be better but I guess a personal decision. Nice to have a new 1/32 Hurricane Mk2 and good subject,the Sea Hurricane is out next. But for now am thankful to Fly for this version,and hope they are able to produce some more 1/32 aircraft!
  21. Great Build,Mike! Clean white works and The Bearcat always looks fast standing still Love the racers especially in 1/32,have Miss Port Columbus to do!
  22. Ralph, That's a great model you have built! When you mean you will,"Miss it", Is this because you have sold it or something happen to it? Colours look fab and on a nice base would look even more awesome!
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