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1/32nd Revell Fw 190D


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Hi all,

I've only ever built one large scale model before and that's the 21st Century Macchi Mc205. for a future project i have the Revell Fw190D which is their re-box of the Hasegawa kit. i can only go for the large tail type as the kit was already started and the shorter tail was glued together and i tried to get it apart but failed miserably.

I just wanted to ask for advice if the kit needs any aftermarket and what sort. i was looking at the cockpit sets from aires and MDC and they look really nice but can anyone recommend anything else.

Thanks for any help,



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Eagle Editions has an excellent cockpit set for the 1/32 D-9 which I can highly recommend, along with their upper cowl replacement, they have other replacement items for the D-9 too.   Also, if you want to go the extra mile (or kilometer) you can replace the entire prop and hub with the Henri Dahne set which is absolutely stunning and of course apply all the riveting.  HGW has a complete water-slide decal set for the fuselage and wing rivets that is specifically designed for the Hasegawa/Revell Fw-190D-9.  Plenty of extra rivet decals are included so that you can utilize it on the D-9's that had the Ta-152 metal tail or sand the tail flush for the wooden tail version.  Hope this helps.



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Good Morning Andrew, You don't mention what level of accuracy and finish you are after with your project - aftermarket products are fantastic and will take your project to 'the next level',

however it may well be that a well made, well observed and weathered model is what you are after. If accuracy is what you are after Andrew, there are a myriad of research palliatives out there, both on computer and in books. Then,

of course, there are the guys here who are fantastic and will help you.

Iceman covered your aftermarket options very well, but in my humble opinion, you can spend as much again as the cost of the kit on aftermarket, but if you haven't thought through what you want out of the project before you begin you may well end up disappointed

and that isn't the aim here...

Remember Andrew, there is scratch building, if you are so inclined. Have a think about what you want, throw up some images and create a build link here so the guys can get involved and help you out!

(Just my humble opinions here...)

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