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Lauster Wargel LW.5 - 1/35 by New Connection Models (Kraut Kits)

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the "Lauster Wargel LW5" was a four wheeled heavy tractor, developed by German company Lauster at the 2nd half of World War two. It was planned as a heavy tractor for pulling the heavy tanks of the German Wehrmacht. It was a strong vehicle, but also a very slow one which was a huge drawback for it. It was never produced in series.

The LW5 consisted of two identical vehicle parts, each with an own engine and place for a driver, connected together as one big vehicle. 


The kit was developed from New Connection Models and is reinvested from the German manufacturer "Kraut Kits" in scale 1/35. It is a big and heavy kit... and made of lot of different colored resin. Some parts are yellow, some grey, others brown or beige. Without painting it would be a very colorful vehicle :) 

One engine is included in the kit so that you could keep open the maintenance flaps of one vehicle. The other one has to remain closed.


I have glued together the full engine (3 parts) and installed it with the gearbox and the cardan shaft to the lower body. A first primer in black followed next, before I have painted the engine in iron and aluminium color, the wallds of the body in red from the inside and the two tanks in blue/grey color. It is not necessary to add further details as there is not much visible later through the open flaps. 


After gluing the upper part of the body to the vehicle some further parts will follow.... 



















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I have primered the parts of the interior in black to get a homogenous surface color of the parts (the kit's parts are grey, yellow, beige). Then I have painted the parts in Oxid Red (Tamiya Hull Red), made some highlights with a ligher red. After a dark washing I have used pigments and lead pencil to get some dust and bare metal.


The dashboard was painted in the same way, then the displays, switches etc. painted separately in different colors. The displays received some glasses made with Micro Crystal Klear.


Then I have installed all the parts, glued the walls together and installed the floor plate with the pedals. The seats, some levers made of wire will follow later. 


At the bonding joints I had to use some putty to close some gaps, sanding, putty, sanding. 


Next steps are further details at the inside and outside....
















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as I am still waiting on the fourth correct wheel - my kit included 3 left and one right wheel - I continued the painting of the two vehicles.

First I have painted Tamiya Hull Red on the black primered vehicles. After the drying I painted some scratches and damages with a thin brush and a sponge, used Tamiya German Grey. A first washing followed.

The big wheels were painted German Grey as well, highlights added with a ligther grey.


Now the vehicles will receive further damages, sheer metal, washings, rust and dirt .... the wheels as well, as soon as the fourth one arrived.



















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