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Sopwith Camel on board HMS Calliope


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Attention on Deck:


Now that WnW has announced the release of the Shipboard Camel, I will proceed with my long planned diorama of the Camel on board HMS Calliope.


At the moment, and as usual, Photobucket is causing problems and un useable. I will post photos when I can.


In the meantime, allow me to ask; IS THERE NO ALTERNATIVE TO PHOTOBUCKET???? I stopped posting in my After the Armistice thread simply because Photobucket is such a RPITA to use.


Cheers from NYC,


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Update, guys......I may change this to HMAS Sydney......working on research mtl. now but the best photos so far are of Sydney.


Please share those pics. I would love to see them!

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I going to be optimistic and hope that by the time I finish the platform for this Camel, the plane, itself, will have landed in my mailbox. It would be nice to think I could have both finished in time for the GB deadline but there's a lot of work involved and rushing is not allowed.


As always, the Datafile is indispensable for a project like this. The Fleet Air Arm Museum was helpful with some photos but, unfortunately, no plans exist for the set up created on board HMS Calliope. But, as the best photos available are of that particular ship, I believe that a close to accurate set of plans, sufficient for this project, can be drawn by taking known dimensions off the plane and the ship itself. If the Antipodeans in the crowd are interested, there are some fine photos of the set up onboard HMAS Sydney to be found online. 


So...diving in.....


Cheers from NYC,




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