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F-15D IAF Strike Eagle in 1/48

Happy new year and happy modelling to all of you.


I want to show my last piece of modelling work in 2016. It was kind of a speed built, because I had to put my whole modelling stuff into a container because I left Germany for a little island. It was also my first encounter with the Jet-Age.


The Eagle is one of Eduards limited editions called "Striking Eagles" and is packed with a lot of resin an PE extras which really improves the basic Academy Kit. I have to admit, that I really love the Brassin stuff since detailing and crispness of cast are outstanding. The PE makes building the Cockpit area so much easier and the ejection seats are a peace of art, but not easy to build because there are so many tiny parts.


So is everything fine with the kit?

There are some shape and fit issues with the Academy Plastic, especially with the big conformal fuel tanks and the nose cone. For the nose I chose an AM replacement made of resin, the rest of the Eagle is straight out of the well filled box.


The worst problem occurred with the decals. The Insignia and Tail art went on smoothly, but I had all kind of trouble with the stencils. Normally I prefer masking and airbrushing to decaling, but no way with these stencils.


The paintjob is applied free hand with Lifecolor-Acrylics which I start to like more and more because they have almost no tendency to sputter and the surface is very smooth.


A thing I learned for future builds was that I never will put a clear coat on Alclad steel, because the area near the exhaust nozzles got grey after varnishing with Future.  


I really enjoyed most of the build and again learned a lot.


Feel free to criticize the result


Cheers Rob
















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Thank you Gentleman,

and indeed Jeroen the cans are marvelous resin and PE-pieces. You won't forget where the thrust comes from :) . 

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