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1/32 Zeebrügge Kran


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Hello All~!

I am new to the forum, and have an exploratory question.  

Would any of you, who perhaps have bought the WNW W12 or W29, have an interest in a 1/32 scale heavy crane as used on the Mole at Zeebrugge ?  It is complete with operator's cabin with full interior. I envisioned this as a companion piece for those aircraft.  It is here illustrated with Marklin Gauge 1 track sections.  If there is serious interest, it could be available from a reputable Model Maker later this year.  I can post additional pics; Your feedback is appreciated.

crane 001.JPG

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As further enticement, I've loaded a few more pics illustrating the operator's cabin rear enclosure removed, the crane upright support, and the two control modules free-standing.  This prototype is primarily printed in nylon; excepting the cabin and it's interior parts which are resin.   




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That would make a very nice diorama. But was this type of crane really used to hoist aircraft out if the water?

Thanks for posting you photo's of a great model.

Would you like to introduce yourself first and share the process of developing the model with us?



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Thank you for the responses, Gentleman.  

My name is Jack Müller, and I am an American of Scot (clan Agnew) & German extraction.  I fancy myself as a perpetual political & military Science student, because learning is never concluded.  I view Cardinal Richelieu the cleverest of history's diplomats, Henry V my personal hero, and a toss up between Cromwell and Pitt the elder, as the best thing that ever happened to the Mother Country.  I am quite ancient, and have been scratch building since childhood, and I build exclusively in traditional 1/32 scale.


In answer to the Crane inquiry:  Yes, this is one of 17 cranes employed at the port of Zeebrügge during the Great War.  All  were electrically powered excepting a 10 ton steam crane on the mainland. My example is one of six 2.5 ton cranes in service there.  Four of these cranes served on the Mole and were modified when the Germans added the extended boom under the jib.  This was to provide additional clearance over the edge of the quay for lowering and retrieving aircraft from the inner mole.


I might add, I am surprised no one has commented on the rail car beneath the crane.   

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This flat car was unique to the Zeebrügge Mole seaplanes.   It was built locally by German railroad pioneers purposely for carrying float-planes.  The large bed held an aircraft sitting side-ways with the floats resting on wooden carriers( not shown ).  To achieve the lowest center of gravity possible, the wagon axles were above the wagon bed rather than under it.

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