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Cooler King - Done, almost


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Well this guy I thought was complete but after the photo's have noticed he needs a bit more work.
Mitches Military Models do full figures and busts and I love their work.  Last year I picked this and a few others up and this is the first one I have tried.
Been a long while, over 15 yeras, since I did any figures but really enjoyed this one so going to do a few more.
Figured (no pun intended) that he is an LSM given his scale.  

So what did I notice post pictures?  Well he needs eyebrows, his T-shirt is too gloss and needs to be flattened down and I'm not 100% happy with the eyes or the drawn on (with coloured markers) shoddy attempt at the 8th airforce emblem.  Need to fix these up :)


Cooler King-3.jpg

Cooler King-4.jpg

Cooler King-5.jpg

Cooler King-6.jpg

Cooler King-7.jpg

Cooler King-9.jpg

Cooler King-11.jpg

Cooler King-13.jpg

Cooler King-15.jpg

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Nice "Changeup" (at least it looks like he's preparing one with his fingers) ;).
There might be some little here and there's to improve but then it will be a homerun.

I have been playing baseball for more than 25 years, meaning I loooove the subject.

Cheers Rob 

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