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Albatros D.V, Manfred von Richthofen, Jasta 11, 1917

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It seems like an age since I actually did a build here, and at least one that wasn't sidelined because my schedules changed.

In that light, here's one that HAS to see completion as it's for the WNW stall at Telford this year.

This is the forthcoming Albatros D.V in one of Richthofen's schemes. There are two rail options here as you can see, and I think I'll add the red area to mix things up a little further. I've started cutting some plastic, so I'll pst some photos as soon as I can.


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Sweet! I have this one as well, and am anxious to get it started. However I have about thirty other kits I am anxious to get started as well.  Not sure which markings yet, but they are all cool. Bought me a Dr.1 as well to use those markings included.

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