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P-61B Black Widow Hobby Boss

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Hi thank you for the compliments I wanted to show you the under side I made the cooling ducts they were very simple OOB so I cut back all of the kit part only a Thin rib was left where I glued the new evergreen pieces on the small gap in the middle I will glue later after the glue is fully cured.
I did not open them fully because then I need to paint a bit more under there.


I did see on the Eduard set the PE frame for the air duct ver big so made my own from a tea bag very fine maybe a bit too fine hehe.
Used a felt pen to darken the background of it so less worries later.


Used epoxy filler and tape to fill the seams they were a bit big but most of it is very thin and it flows beautiful almost flush so little sanding needed.


Oh and I made to round cups for the lamps heating up evergreen sheet and pull it over a pensel end I have to spare ones the are safe in the wing hehe push them true after they were almost done grrr.


Now I am decaling the Tomcat so I hope to start finishing the cockpit and details in it later this week want to start painting this beast.

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Well I was planning to do some more work on the Tomcat finishing the build but I was still not happy with the gap between the engine and wing missing the fire wall so I was planning to use the cnc lathe at my work to cut it from PVC just so it looks closed.
Now when I was closing up my boxes for this build keep al my parts in there till I need them I see the closed flap option ring and they are thick enough to make a reasonable radius to look more like the real one.


Dry fit they stick out much more then normally the engine mount is smaller the kit engine mount is to big to even get the exhaust over it.
Some one on the forum was pointing this out (forgot the name) and I think Hobby Boss got stuck at this point also and just leave it out of the kit haha


Well this for me is a good solution only need to at panel lines.
Time to watche the finish of Le Mans 24


Have fun

Johan bos

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