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Man I love this crap!


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That’s an awesome read, Smitty!  It’s good to know that Eastern European a Nations are getting their Air Forces up and running again. The conflict with Russia has been tough on Ukraine and I wonder about the spare parts situation for their front line aircraft.  Didn’t Germany retire their entire fleet of freshly Westernized MiG-29s because of the lack of spare parts and the reliance on Russia for those spare parts?

That being said, it’d be awesome for them to bring a road show over here for a few weeks se we can get up close and personal with the Ukrainian Air Force.  The Brits get all the good stuff, now it’s our turn. :)

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Yeah, Russian aircrafts seem to suffer a lot from defective parts, especially in the electronics area. Notably with their IFF transponders.

In the last month alone, Western jets in the Baltics, including LW and RAF Typhoons, and Polish F-16s, had to scramble a few times to guide back to Russian airspace (the Kaliningrad enclave) some Russian aircrafts that got lost with no transponder. This included an An-76, a Su-30, a Su-24, etc... So the problem seems fairly widespread :rolleyes:


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