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Challenger Disaster Investigation


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Interesting watch, although not a lot of really new material. Was interesting to see just how far they went to conceal the bodies though, trash bags, cans, etc.

I have no idea of US law but here in the UK a few folk from NASA and Morton Thiokol would have been potentially facing manslaughter charges in similar circumstances. Poor guys like Boisjoly got hung out to dry to save asses further up the line but Feynman knew they were right and was able to show it at the commission hearing.

Hearing the Smith family lawyer speak and re-watching the footage of the crew walking out does make you think that he was definitely not happy with things. Brave, brave people - as was famously said 'it's a sobering thought sitting on top of the world's biggest firecracker when you know every component underneath you has been chosen for being cheapest on a NASA tender exercise'!

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