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F-4D gunship cockpits


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Hey Harv, just got back from visiting my sis and checked my copy of The Modern Phantom Guide.  It says the D had the same HUD as the E but doesn't mention any panels/switches being there specifically for the gun pod. The coaming is part F31 in the kit. The corresponding uprights for the HUD are F33 and F34 with D10 being the glass. 

Hopefully that's right. 


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There was no difference that I recall Harv. There may have been a switch added but the cockpit looked the same. If memory serves the SUU Pods could be hung on any D model.

FYI, there were no USAF in service F-4s that had a HUD. It was a Optical Sight with an illuminated Reticle. It displayed the reticle and some radar information on the "Combining Glass" not a HUD. The pilot still had to look down at flight instruments unlike a HUD where it is displayed on the HUD glass.



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