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  1. Thank you sir! NO PE, all brass work pictured except the Aber barrel assembly on the M2 is scratch built from brass sheet, tubes and angles. The nuts and bolts are from Model Motor Cars. Barry
  2. M1A1HA Command's Gun Station with locked and loaded M2 and TUSK 1 Armor Surround. Surround includes Spot Light and Mount as well as stowage for the M4 Carbine. Cheers for now, Barry
  3. Thank you Harv! To bad the HPH 1/48 B-52 is not a "D" model or I would have me one for a U-Tapao BUFF! Barry
  4. Here are some pics of the Tank Commander's Cupola and M2 50cal. Mount, The mount is standard fair on the M1A1 with the addition of the Thermal Imager/Sight. TAFN, Barry
  5. Hi Phil, The model is 1/16 scale and Radio Controlled. I have found that the scale is great for adding even the smallest of details. Barry
  6. Thanks Gents, I try hard to model what I see, it's challenges the "little gray cells"! Barry
  7. Hi Folks! Here are some pics of the continuing work on the M1A1HA Abrams with T.U.S.K. I mods. This is the Loader's Armored Gun Station, (LAGS) TTFN Barry
  8. The D.VII in 1/8 scale to go with the skeletal DR.1 Hasegawa released years ago. Barry
  9. Nicely done sir, looks fantastic I have plans for a version of "In the Mood" in 1/16 scale. Barry
  10. Smitty, that makes at least two of us! I would build an AC-130E with the 105mm in the original gunship gray stationed at Ubon RTAFB, I twisted wrenches on them. Barry
  11. I am surprised that you guys do not remember these photos from this build. It what has inspired me to pursue the 1/6 Dragon kit. Truly inspirational work!!!
  12. For size comparison! Here's a 1/16 Sherman Turret atop the 1/6 turret.
  13. Very nice Firefly; is it yours?
  14. I picked up one as well. Plan is to build a full RC USMC M4A2. I have purchased many, many detail sets from East Coast Armory and the RC conversion sets from Spyker Workshop. Not sure when it will make it to the work bench but it's in the mix. Barry
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