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  1. IMHO, the last 20 years on my 40 year aviation career was spent making these beauties! Barry
  2. BRAVO!! Awesome undertaking and skillfully accomplished. I have often wondered why Hasegawa never added the D.VII to their line of skeletal kits. Fantastic work sir! Barry
  3. Hi Hubert, I have the and if I get an opportunity tomorrow I'll scan them. If not tomorrow I will get them scanned Saturday. I'll let you know and you can email me and I'll send them you way. Barry
  4. Craig, That looks awesome, even in it's "rough stage". It appears you've captured the look quite well! Any thoughts about making it available to those who wish to correct theirs? Barry
  5. Damn Pete, your are an Alchemist if ever I seen one! Every time I stop in, you just floor me with the shear quality of your craftsmanship and the skills to put it to practice. Perhaps one day I'll approach your skill level, I hope. Barry
  6. Harv, I had the same thought but was shot down by SWMBO. I was hoping it would help you with your color questions on the seat. Barry
  7. Check this out Harv. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Martin-Baker-MKH7-Ejection-Seat-and-F-4D-Phantom-Fighter-Jet-Instrument-Panel/401859891183?hash=item5d90b74fef:g:HpsAAOSwY7hdYZpQ
  8. Glad I could help. Barry
  9. Hi Harv, Did USPS deliver your fuselage? Barry
  10. Oliver, Your work never ceases to amaze me. This is truly museum worthy, you should contact the unit historian and see if they can not find an appropriate place of honor. Barry
  11. Morning Harv, Fuselage packed and ready for PO. Please PM me your address, it is not available from PayPal on you payment unlike ebay/PayPal. Cheers, Barry
  12. Sorry to hear, it is sad but why would you not put your most trusted employee in the position while away? Why risk hiring someone for a week leaving them in charge of your livelihood? Barry
  13. Greetings my U-Tapao cousin, it seems like a life time ago. I thought that was you but uncertain. I'll get your fuselage in the mail Thur or Fri. Barry
  14. HI Harv, A question if I may; are you "M-J1" Harvey? P/P barryc01(at) comcast.net Barry
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