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  1. Oliver, Your work never ceases to amaze me. This is truly museum worthy, you should contact the unit historian and see if they can not find an appropriate place of honor. Barry
  2. Morning Harv, Fuselage packed and ready for PO. Please PM me your address, it is not available from PayPal on you payment unlike ebay/PayPal. Cheers, Barry
  3. Sorry to hear, it is sad but why would you not put your most trusted employee in the position while away? Why risk hiring someone for a week leaving them in charge of your livelihood? Barry
  4. Greetings my U-Tapao cousin, it seems like a life time ago. I thought that was you but uncertain. I'll get your fuselage in the mail Thur or Fri. Barry
  5. HI Harv, A question if I may; are you "M-J1" Harvey? P/P barryc01(at) comcast.net Barry
  6. Hi Harv, I have what you need. It is the upper fuselage with the blanking panel for the Navy Refueling Probe installed. The USAF Refueling piece is included but not installed. Is this what you need; if so how about $25.00 shipping included? Let me know, Barry
  7. I'll let you know tomorrow Harv. Barry
  8. Hey Harv, Let me sort through my Phantom "stuff" , I very likely have one. You only need the fuselage correct? If so it can be your for very minimal cost plus shipping. Barry
  9. I purchased the RP Miter Tool a few months back and it is hands down the best miter tool I've owned. I have used the North West Short Line tool of years and there is no comparison. Barry
  10. Sir, your mastery of the detail work is simply awesome! Beautiful build!! Barry
  11. Here's the tank I'm modeling. Image posted under the Fair Use Act for the purpose of illustration.
  12. Thanks guys! I have a ton more pics and I had considered starting a build but figured I would wait until I started finalizing things like the 50cal. Barry
  13. 1/16 M1A1HA Abrams with T.U.S.K. I fit. This has been on my bench since Jan 2016. Mantel mounted 50 cal. this is the Counter Sniper-Anti Material Mount. Barry
  14. There was no difference that I recall Harv. There may have been a switch added but the cockpit looked the same. If memory serves the SUU Pods could be hung on any D model. FYI, there were no USAF in service F-4s that had a HUD. It was a Optical Sight with an illuminated Reticle. It displayed the reticle and some radar information on the "Combining Glass" not a HUD. The pilot still had to look down at flight instruments unlike a HUD where it is displayed on the HUD glass. Barry
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