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  1. Hi Scott, Though it has been quite a while I work for a number of years in the Model Railroad hobby business. There were a number of manufactures of HO scale detailed resin hobby kits, but in larger scales not at that time. Like has been stated there a number of kits in 1/35 but most all are European designs including Trumpeter's Steam Locomotives. LZ Models also manufactures 1/35 rail cars and detail parts for same. There are also others but again nearly everything is European designs. There have been a few true O Scale 1/48" kits that have been done over the years but not sure what might be out there now. My close friend who owns the Model Railroad shop I worked in is still at it and he keeps he finger on the pulse of the business. If it is out there then he in all probability knows of it and can get it for you. His name is Robert (Bob) Branin, his shop is named Riverdale Station and is located in Riverdale, GA. just south of the airport in Atlanta. Email; Riverdalestation (at) gmail.com. Please contact him and let him know what you're looking for. Feel free to mention that I gave you his info. Barry
  2. Thanks Harv, the family came over and we had pizza and cake while sitting outside....social distancing, well sort of. Barry
  3. Hi Mike, I believe the G/H would be appropriate for your J. I'll have to do so digging for the E but as I recall it looks "similar" to the G/H but not certain. Barry
  4. I do not see AIM-9Bs listed among Zacto Mans awesome stable of AIM-9s; something new? He has the -9X, -9D/G/H and the -9L/M and they are fantastic. I have not seen in person the Eduards Brassin -9B but the best I have seen are the ones Eric G. did a number of years back but you'll have to find someone willing to part with theirs as they have long unavailable. Barry
  5. Hey Ernie, If you have not you need to go to this site. https://modelshipworld.com/ Barry
  6. Yep the old "Double Naught Spy" himself!
  7. It is one of the tried and proven methods but in 1/16 scale and on a modern tank where most of the welds are done by machine the putty or hot knife just don't look right to me. I'll have beads as wide as .060" or 1" to scale and they don't have that hand welded appearance they are too smooth in many cases. I may have to develop a tip and then perfect a technique that will yield the look needed. I've ordered one will start work on the technique and tip if needed. Barry
  8. That is some amazing use of the technology. I am currently building a 1/16 RC Tank and have been looking for a way to make "scale" Weld Beads and this may be the answer! Thanks for posting, Barry
  9. Thank you sir! NO PE, all brass work pictured except the Aber barrel assembly on the M2 is scratch built from brass sheet, tubes and angles. The nuts and bolts are from Model Motor Cars. Barry
  10. M1A1HA Command's Gun Station with locked and loaded M2 and TUSK 1 Armor Surround. Surround includes Spot Light and Mount as well as stowage for the M4 Carbine. Cheers for now, Barry
  11. Thank you Harv! To bad the HPH 1/48 B-52 is not a "D" model or I would have me one for a U-Tapao BUFF! Barry
  12. Here are some pics of the Tank Commander's Cupola and M2 50cal. Mount, The mount is standard fair on the M1A1 with the addition of the Thermal Imager/Sight. TAFN, Barry
  13. Hi Phil, The model is 1/16 scale and Radio Controlled. I have found that the scale is great for adding even the smallest of details. Barry
  14. Thanks Gents, I try hard to model what I see, it's challenges the "little gray cells"! Barry
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