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HK Models Do335 B-2

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Well, the time has come for me to shut up and build something. 

I have a 1/24 Airfix 109E in the works but it's scribing time so on the SOD it goes! I wandered in and out of the closet where my stash is and fondled a few kits and finally landed on the Do335.

Seems like a decent enough kit. It's going to be out of the box. I'm also trying something new for me and that is assembling major parts of the kit prior to doing any paint work to try to avoid some steps that have really begun to get under my skin now that my near vision sucks. Those steps are scraping/sanding mold seams, ejector pin marks, and painting stuff that will never see daylight. 

So, I'll give it a whirl and if it does not work out it don't matter because I'm building it closed up just like I always do anyway. I'm sure some of the detail painting will be a bit more tedious but I can't imagine it being worse than scraping seams.

A couple of things I'd like to point out about the build thus far:

  • Seems to fit very well. Sub-assemblies fit other sub-assemblies without fuss.
  • Person who decided where to attach the exhaust stacks to the sprue needs talking to..... The weld seems are way overdone anyway, they would be 1 inch tall in 1:1.

Over the last few evenings I have gotten to this point. I have a few more parts to throw at it and then I'll start painting.


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Hey Sluggo, will be watching.

letting go of seam and ejector pin dressing is one of my problems too.

Im trying some different approaches on my Hellcat build too.

Good for you changing things up.


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28 minutes ago, Clunkmeister said:

Oh heck yeah!  

Now let’s make it a racer...

I'm game for the racer build but I'm afraid this ain't the one. Started on the Tamiya 48th kit years ago and stalled out. I'm going to try to finish this one.

I got dibs on the HE 100 as my racer when the time comes. :o

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Gazz started it, now I’ll all into this racer thing. 

Im seriously considering a long distance racer.  Like a trophy for a transatlantic dash based on toad rally rules, not all out speed.

A postwar 88 with a couple of 2800s and smoothed out of all bumps, lumps, and protrusions. 


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