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  1. I've used automotive primer on several PLA and PETG printed parts then over-painted with a variety of lacquers and acrylics.
  2. Hope it turns up at Hobby Lobby. I finally got a ROG issue about 4 months back.
  3. Don't forget Modelmania in Houston, April 25..........................
  4. Have you heard of Hades? About 10 degrees cooler...................... Seriously though, Mid to high 90s pretty much guaranteed. Might get lucky and witness triple digits.
  5. It affects my credit card as a normal transaction and I do get 6 months free interest from paypal when the criteria is met. I can't recall buying something from China negating the free interest for purchase over 100.00 Can't answer the international fees question.
  6. I'll look to see if I have any Hasegawa left. I think the only one I have is a P40E. At the moment, I'm hammering out a 1:72 B-17 for a friend who's Grandfather was a waist gunner. 42-102506
  7. Santa was banned from bringing me models. Seems his taste in kits was lame. It's all gift cards nowadays......................
  8. Scored some LS German goodies by trading off some armor I would never have built. Ordered this from Sprue Bros. Picked this up at Hobby Lobby today for 17 bux. Having a helluva time finding the Airfix 1:72 B-17G here in the states. Going to build this up for a friend who's Grand Father was a waist gunner on 42-102506 Contrary Mary K8*L. This morning I ordered a 1:48 B-1B platinum, a ROG single seat 262 and some decals from Sprue Bros. I had to contact their help email to consolidate two orders to save shipping and they were awesome. Great people over there.
  9. https://bringatrailer.com/2016/11/15/b-36-peacemaker-tow-rig-1950s-coleman-cf-55-af-tug/
  10. The muzzle brake on my 1:16 Panther got broken by a wayward Airsoft round. I drew up a replacement in in Fusion360 and printed it out. Printed .05 layer height with 100% infill. Did a bit of sanding after cutting off the supports. Looks like I filed the top a little crooked and will need to true that up. Turned out pretty decent. Made a short time lapse of the drawing process. Panther_Muzzle_Brake.mp4 Panther_Muzzle_Brake.mp4
  11. Found the file on Trimble's site. Uploaded to Fusion 360's cloud. Exploded view below. You can make this file into tidy sub assemblies easily. If you convert to stl, you'll lose that ability unless you take it into meshmixer and cut it along planes.
  12. Here's something I have a chance of finishing! 3D printed life size Rheinmetall-Borsig 30x90 Minengeschoss HEI round. Will look like the one on the left when done.
  13. Did a little clean up on the starboard wing, boom and canopy area. She's going to clean up nice.
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