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  1. Agreed............... However, The day is coming when you will be able to get any aircraft someone is willing to sit down and draw in 3D in what ever scale you choose. I envision a person being able to print out pieces and assemble like we do now or even assembling sub assemblies in the 3D software and then printing them. You might even completely assemble it in the software and print it completed and ready to paint. One might argue that printer prices will be a barrier of entry but that would be wrong, You can already buy very capable printers for less than a HK B-17.
  2. Short version..... 3D drawings are vector based. Vectors are infinitely scalable. If you have the original drawing you can scale it any size you desire. Depending on what I'm drawing, I generally draw in 1:1 scale, save the drawing then scale a copy to the desired size. Once you have a scaled copy, you save or convert it to a .stl file to print. Once it is saved as a .stl file, it will still be scalable but the quality is reduced the larger you scale it. Think of it a raster image at this point. .stl is basically a triangulated surface. The larger you scale it, the more evident the triangles become. To scale from 1:72 to 1:48 you would upscale 150%. It's quite possible you would retain decent resolution even scaling from a .stl file. Most modelers only share the .stl files. As far as printing something like that, you would want to seek out someone that can print SLA (resin). Filament printing will not print fine enough for scale modelling.
  3. Just bought this kit at the Nats. Going to lurk around here.......
  4. I have a complete kit. PM me what you would be willing to trade.
  5. What a turd. Sounds like he should be banned from the 2020 Nats. I for one will voice my opinion with the powers that be. One thing I despise more than a bastard, is a bastardy d!ckheaded bastard a$$hole that demeans his employees. The lowest of the low. I would not p!ss down his throat if his guts were on fire.
  6. HOLY DEUCE! I never new the Red baron was sporting a blown Hemi in his Tri-Plane!
  7. I talked with the HKM guy at length and he told me straight up that they decided to wait. He also told me that there will be no more E/F B-17s. They are working on an early G which from what I understood will be a mix of the E/F and Late G kits. The E/F kit will not return and will be replaced by separate kits for the E and F. So in the future they will have an E, F, early G and a Late G.
  8. Sounds like a pr!ck that needs his ass whipped. I don't recall running across him or his booth but he just checked my Fock that Pr!ck box.
  9. They had a few H0s and H1s at the show. I bought the last H0 they had. They had 2 or 3 H1s left as of yesterday. They had 1 Do335 A-12 left when I got there late Thursday and I didn't pull the trigger. It was gone the next morning.
  10. I bought a pile of Mission Models paint and they are shipping it to me. Also: Rosie Riveter or 3 from RP Riveter from Radu AK pencils Tiny drill bits Panel profiler for scribing Uschi wood for my Go 229 and WNW Albatross Ta 152 wheels set Mig weather ing book SWS Ta 152 H-0 I had to get mostly smalls since I'm flying. I noticed that certain vendors were far more appreciative and friendly than others. Anyone else notice that?
  11. Yes it is. IPMS Canada left him a love note.
  12. Well, I'll tell you this.....If you did not have the natural talent you obviously do, you could read all the posts in the world and still produce mediocre models. I've eyeballed a lot of models in my day. I can can tell you with certainty your's would have caught my eye even if I was not looking for it. Take your place. You have arrived.
  13. You ain't shatting there! Fantastic work Mark!
  14. Dude, When Scott and I walked in the model room, this is the very first thing that caught his eye! Kudos Man! We even went back for a second look. Amazing effort!
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