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  1. Here's something I have a chance of finishing! 3D printed life size Rheinmetall-Borsig 30x90 Minengeschoss HEI round. Will look like the one on the left when done.
  2. Did a little clean up on the starboard wing, boom and canopy area. She's going to clean up nice.
  3. Yep. 1;48. Academy kit. I will take more pics when it gets restored. Maybe even some along the way.
  4. Today I made a sweet barn find. Myself a 3 friends were tasked with dealing with a good friend's stash who recently passed away. While sorting and moving things I discovered this gem. I instantly recognized it. I should have taken a pic before I blew some of the dust off. Built by Sam Garcia for the September 2000 issue of Aviation in Miniature magazine. I'm not sure how my friend (Jon Baker) come to have it in his possession. Jon, Sam Garcia, myself and several others were deeply involved in the magazine along with the founder Alan Del Paggio. Jon and I were both contributing editors. So, the plan is to rehabilitate it and get it ready for the next 19 years. A bittersweet day. I had no idea how much stuff him and I swapped around, horse traded, collaborated on and even did together. Sure going to miss him.
  5. Double zipper here. Best of luck to you.
  6. Apologies Ernie. Hang in there. The wife and I just went through some losses. For me it was a good friend. Hoping you are in a better place soon.
  7. Was it a run of the mill Holiday Inn or one of the legendary Holiday Inn Express properties?
  8. I certainly hope your decision was not the result of my complete and utter failure to support you. Maybe it's better this way. If your compound is encompassed by some acreage, you will likely better achieve this reset goal.
  9. Ryan, I regret to inform you that I must retract my offer to build a 1:1 scale Moon. After a moment of research I have come to the realization that I have no way to house even a partially finished Moon. In addition to that hurdle, the build volume of my 3D printer is a meager 300x300x400mm. Due to my advanced age, I fear I could not even bang out the Sea of Tranquility prior to my expiration. I'm also afraid I could not shoulder the expense of the required ABS filament without support from the community or a sponsor. I'm too proud a man to ask for help. For those reasons, I'm out. Apologies..................
  10. Sheesh! I better get to work. Can't have a 1:1 scale rocket with no 1:1 scale Moon..........................
  11. RLM for me. My previous model room had chair rail on the walls so I painted it RLM 79 above and RLM 78 below.
  12. This is verified with a trip through Photoshop. Setting the scale using the B-24's box width of 15.75 inches I made the following measurements in the above photo: 25.95 inch wingspan 2.23 inch prop radius. The A-26 wingspan is 70 feet or 840 inches. Scaled to 1:32, 26.25 inches. The A-26 swings a 12'7" prop making it's diameter 151 inches with a radius of 75.5 inches which is 2.35 inches in 1:32 scale. A few of things to note about this method of measurement: It is accomplished by assigning a length to each pixel using a known dimension. In this case the B-24 box width of 15.75 (400mm). Measurements taken at the same depth in the photo and closer to where the scale was assigned are more accurate. Diagonal measurements (like the wingspan in this case) are more likely to be skewed. Forcing the photo's scale to the scale wingspan of 26.25 inches across the wing area of the photo results in more accurate measurements. This is relative to true scale and not the model's actual measurements. 26.22 wingspan 2.33 prop radius Brought to you by a Saturday morning trip through OCD land!
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