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Canada's Most Decorated Soldier: William Barker and His Camel

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Did you see a model kit that inspired your interest in building models? For me, the one that started it all when when I first saw the Revell 1/28 silver-cowled Sopwith Camel in the markings of William Barker. I built that kit, but never in those markings, so when Wingnut Wings released the Clerget Camel, I knew that I had to build it as his aircraft.

I present here my build of his Camel, in its final configuration. This was a hot-rod, with extra modifications not present in the WNW kit:

--cooling slots added to the front cowl

--intake funnels scratchbuilt and added to the carburator intakes

--expanded opening to wing center section (part E4) with hoop wire added

--removed left side of the forward cockpit decking

--scratchbuilt the windshield

I also used the BarracudaCast wicker seat, articulated the control surfaces, and painted the stripes on the rear fuselage. I painted the wood surfaces with DecoArt burnt umber and burnt sienna acrylic oil paints over a Tamiya XF-78 base coat. I also used Vallejo Metal paint, custom mixed Tamiya paints, and EZ line. For reference I extensively used Mike (Sandbagger) Norris’s build guide (http://igavh2.xara.hosting/index_htm_files/Camel-Barker.pdf). I’m glad I finally did it!


Cheers, Tom







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