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Res.Kit 1:32 A-10 wheels detail set


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1:32 A-10 wheels set


Catalogue RS320002

Available from Res.Kit for $12,80

For Trumpeter A-10)



Res.Kit is a new name for me. I found them on facebook and just went to their website.

A quite good variety for wheels and details sets offer from this Ukrainian manufactures. I also found 3 set of figures and equipament, mainly for aircraft (very few sets in 1:35).

I was keen to see their product in flesh so I plunge in and order several set (1:48 F-177 wheels, 1:48 Hellcat wheels, 1:35 Mi Mil 35 wheels etc).


Here I just got to make a quick review with a side-by-side pic with the A-10 1:32 Trumpeter kit wheels.


The presentation of the set is quite good but with small or barely none protection of the resin parts.

 But to be honest, the resin parts are quite solid with almost no change of getting damage or broken

These parts have no flash at all and removing the casting block looks quite straightforward.


The kit wheels are not that bad, in the detail but the tyres are in vinyl and I really don’t like the vinyl look and low detail




The resin is a quite dark color. I tend to say that is a black color or a very dark gray color.


Anyway, the details are very good and with smooth detail.


The rims are very good and a better representation if the kit parts.







But the really highlight are the tyres.







The original part of the kit are just pure vinyl with almost no detail.




The tyres from this set are very, very good with great surface and very smooth detail on the side.



The wheels are a standing point in the model, at least for me so wheels with good detail just will stand out.

The detail of all resin pieces is excellent.


This new, at least for me, manufacture present very good wheels sets at very good price so it’s a very good option for the modelers.

Check their website and the very large catalogue they offer.

Very Highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Review samples courtesy of my wallet.

To purchase this directly, click THIS link.





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8 hours ago, DocRob said:

They do look good, thanks for the review. The only thing I notice is, they seem not be weighted, at least I can see no bulge on the pics.

Cheers Rob 

True! Well observed. But I think that could be possible to make it, without over do it as from pictures, they are not very weighted.

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