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1/16 Renault FT 17

Dave J

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I've checked my wholesalers' and none of them seem to be importing them into the UK - I think it's a fabulous subject !  it might be ugly but it's gloriously unusual.  At least they haven't gone down the obvious route for a tank (Tiger, Sherman etc) in this scale.


Perth Military Modelling seem to have them as a sponsor: http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/takom.html


And Takom's site is here: http://www.takom-world.com/sub.aspx?id=11 (they've tried to make it look like an iPhone's message page (why !!??)


Anyway, here's a little more verbage from them on the Renault





From Perth's site, it looks as though they are about to launch a 1:35th scale Heavy Russian tank as well.

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I have one on pre-order but has been delayed a bit so last I heard shipment will by the end of the month.  The 1/16 38t also looks like a neat one too... both I plan to RC with maybe turning the 38t into a 38t Jagdpanzer.  ;)


The FT is supposed to have a partial interior so I might be tempted to get 2 and have one as a dust queen!








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I wonder what the price is going to be?

Nice subject, what with Panda Hobby as well coming into the 1/16 scale armour market things are looking decidedly up!!

I'd love to see some soft skin stuff to go with it too, maybe some figures with the kit would be nice. :wub:

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