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  Good Morning All,

Here's some of my collection of FW-190. All are 1/32 scale and either Hasegawa or Revell kits. I hope these are up to the standards I've seen posted here since becoming a member. I hope you enjoy them. As alway any and all comments are welcomed and much appreciated.


  First up Hasegawa's old tool FW-190 D.









 Revell's 1971 FW-190D.Patchwork Dora.







Another of Revell's FW-190D's.







 Hasegawa's old tool FW-190 A8.









 And the last,the Flight Line.



 I hope you've enjoyed these and Thanks for looking.

Highest Regards,

Gregory Jouette

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 Rizzo,Coolbox,Mike,and Harv,

Thanks guys,much appreciated.

@Mike Red 1 was the last one built and my favorite Dora. It was by far the easiest of the group. I have a new tool Hasegawa Dora in waiting and it will eventually become another JV 44 bird.

@ Grant Red 13 is my favorite 190 in the group too.Much more time and effort when into this bird that any of the rest.Those armored glass frames as I recall were a real pain to put together and mount without srcewing up the new glass.


Glad you all enjoyed this collection guys.I have other kits to add to this collection so it's sort of an ongoing project.Long term at that considering the first RED 13 was completed in 1990 and the last RED 1 in 1994.

Highest Regards,

Gregory Jouette

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