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Problems logging in

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Sunday night I had trouble logging in. LSM would not accept my password no matter what I tried. It would just dump me back to the login screen whenever I tried. Tried changing my password 2 times. Still did the same thing. SP&R was the same way. It finally worked again Monday morning on both sites. Now, LSM will not remember my password, it makes me login again each time. Does anybody know why and can someone tell me how I can get LSM to let me stay logged in? SP&R is working fine now. What gives? Any help would be great.



Thanks, Paul

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Hi Paul,


Harvey had the same problem. I advised him to clear his collected cookies from his browser. You don't have to clear them all. Just the one's from LSM.

Restart browser. Should be fine!



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Click on History> Clear Recent History  and untick everything bar Cookies...


OK, Thanks. I think that worked.




Cookies !! I love cookies !!


Yeah, the chocolate chip kind. The computer kind are evil.

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