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"Last ditch effort" He-162

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This one here was a true surprise in terms of kit quality and one

of the most enjoyable projects I ever had. I hope you dont mind thats the 48th scale.


Could be cool in 32nd though, so may I am

allowed to share it with you.


























Thats one of the very few projects I can imagine to do one more time,

in a different scale though, the 32nd.

I have all it takes in my stash already. Well...one fine day...


Thanks for watching! :-)

















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Awesome work Alex. I have two of these in my stash, not including a partially built one.


Is this long enough out of print now to tell us how you did the putty lines on the fuse?

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Thanks for allowing me to post a 48th scale bird here.

I did that because there is a 32nd scale model by Revell and all the great eduard stuff on the market.

The 162 is a great canvas in all regards and the references ranging from abandoned aircrafts to

fully painted ones, so there is something for everyone.


It may be worth to mention that this aircraft has been produced using kinda composite-technology.

The wings and other elements were made of wood. I´ve got some little pictures here, drawn by my mate

Vassilis Dimitropoulos:




So, if I ever go again for a 162, and this day will come, that is one of the schemes strongly

considered for bringing it on the concrete.


Now I may share some reference with you in regards to schemes that

really have been documented.

Lets start with the one that has been built by me a while ago. The great thing was,

that there were pictures showing the aircraft from both sides:





That´s quite a luxurious situation, especially on such a unique aircraft.

The icing on the cake was this profile by Thierry Dekker:




So , there was no doubts which way to go. :-)

Thats more than I can handle when I feel tempted anyway.

Thats where I came out:





The construction was "shake and bake". Its really a gorgeous little kit. The wings aint even glued to

the fuselage and that tells us something about the brilliant engineering and fit.


The model it self "works" via three key-elements which are

- superdetailed engine visible through an open cowling

- bare metal elements

- rivet finish


Plus the broken canopy and the mix of painted and unpainted sections.

I think that´s why it was so successful and finaly even sold to a collector.

The rivet finish was made using oil colors, just because I feared to mess

it up and have a correction-option.



Before the rivet effect









I would do it a little bit different today and try to come to a more polished-putty-finish.

The oil colors are a tiny bit 3d and thats not what we wanna have when we render

something that has been polished. But again, I was afraid to ruin something here and

took the safe way.

A more flat finish could be achieved by further smear the oils, or maybe by airbrush.

Tricky affair that requires a few tests before I would say. :-)


There is one more half-painted aircraft documented, which is the A-2  "White 6"  Werknummer (serial)  W.Nr. 120231

of 1st/JG1. This scheme also would make a great model and I have seen some unfinished but promising attempts on that

scheme. I never have seen finished W.Nr. 120231 "White 6" so there is still something to explore.


In case some of you gentlemen are interested in some refrerence material, please let me know what exactly you

are looking for and I will try to find something in my folders here.


Again, thank you very much for the friendly comments!

All the best.

Alex :-)

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