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  1. 1:32 Focke Achgelis Fa 330 Fly Model Catalogue # 32007 Available from Fly Model for 372.00CZK Let me set the scene for you: Sunday, 9th November, 2014, IPMS Scale Model World, Telford. I was sitting at a table in the Hall 1 refreshment area with Webmeister James Hatch and administrator Jeroen Peters, both, I have to say, resplendent in their HKM/Large Scale Modeller 'T' shirts. We were having a general conversation on modelling – or was it the rather well-endowed young lady selling the coffees? Whatever, I am sure they won't mind me recording the fact that I detected evidence
  2. Hi Dave - thanks for the heads up! In your experience with WNW, can you tell me what the master of the Ohka is being produced from? It looks like a veneer over styrene foam? Whatever it is the master looks fantastic. Love it. Peter
  3. 1:32 Ryan PT-22/NR-1 Recruit Fisher Model & Pattern Catalogue # 3211 Available from Fisher Model and Pattern for US$149.95 This year is the 35th anniversary of Fisher Model and Pattern. Since 1978, Paul and Susie Fisher have been creating and manufacturing high quality resin model car and aircraft kits from their home based business in Paradise. Paradise, California, that is! And, of course, Paul is also well known for the manufacture of his bespoke guitars. However, no mention of the Fisher family would be complete without a reference to Alfred, their wonderful Great Dane – a
  4. Before the crash - Doogs suffered crazing after using Gunze Super Clear. I had used this for two years without a problem............until recently. I am building the Airfix Bentley (on SPandR) and sprayed the petrol tank with Humbrol Enamel followed much later by the Gunze. Immediate crazing resulting in complete rub back and prime. Peter
  5. Very well done Dave. Fantastic work as always. Peter
  6. Well done Grant. Even I could follow that Peter
  7. Don't forget the Alclad range - their Polished Brass is great, as is their Copper! Peter
  8. Lovely work Cees - you just can't beat a good bit of scratching.......if you have an itch! Love the Beau - it is coming along really nicely. Thank you for showing. Peter
  9. Hi guys - I bought the revell and hph kits when they first came out plus ordering extra resin canopies from hph to replace the awful revell versions. Just a word of warning. I hope hph have used the revell fuselage for measurements, as their windscreen in particular will not fit the revell fuselage without much (lots) of fettling and filing. It looks like the A2Z version is a straight change. Peter
  10. That is looking very nice Alesia. Peter
  11. Hi Harv - what a great selection of kits and modelling interests. Your man cave looks ..comfy! Peter
  12. Love it. Beautifully painted and weathered Dave. I have never used that pencil (is it silver?) technique. When you tap, rub etc do you mean rub with your finger to smooth it, or just rub/run the pencil down the prop a tad? Peter
  13. Mr Owl The I-16 is a thing of beauty! What is that saying? "Beauty is in the eye of beholder!"..................or was that beer holder? Peter
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