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  1. A good North Korean War MIG 15. The Trumpeter kit is a BB gun target. Same for a NVAF Mig 17
  2. Major price reduction. Helldiver - $200, Tigercat - $275 PayPal plus shipping- Contact me direct at jmwitous@aol.com Thanks
  3. I have both kits for sale. They are in perfect condition. Helldiver is $200 and Tigercat is $275. Shipping cost is about $15 per kit CONUS. Send me an email direct with your Zip code and I will confirm shipping cost. PayPal only. My email is jmwitous@aol.com. Thanks for looking.
  4. I would like to purchase one of these for my HPH Helldiver build. I am in SoCal. Please contact me direct at jmwitous@aol.com Thank you
  5. Howdy Mikey, Happy Holidays. Regarding air compressors........ I have gone from a large industrial compressor in my garage, with a 50 foot airline to my man cave. Mice ate the rubber airline. I used a Grex compressor (very nice) for about 2 years. But I took some advice from my squiddly TVMC co-founder (Pauli) and am now using a compressed air tank. This is the best. No noise, no moisture and the cost for entire set up was about $100. I have the HK B-17G on the bench now. Doing a Frankenstein using the starboard fuselage of the E/F kit and the tail gun. I will have an early G with un-staggard waist guns and the earlier tail gun. The plan is to sell parts off the new kit to offset the price. Happy New Year- we miss ya.
  6. Howdy Mikey, We miss you bro, when are you going to be out here next? Here’s my take on the sonic cleaner,,, I bought mine from Harbor Freight for about $25. I clean my Grex airbrushes, glasses, sunglasses, Jewelry and my dental bridge. Use Hot Hot water and a Polident tablet. I generally run it for 20 minutes. Be cool
  7. Ok Boyos. My real intention for Pauli to ‘Ranch Sit” was for him to finger fondle the kits that I plan on selling him at the BBQ. Basic sales tools is to plant the seed and create a need. Once he perceives the need the higher margin I will make. A few beers, set the hook and reel em in.
  8. We are celebrating year 6 of this annual event at the Ranchito in Southern California. As in the past, this is free to attend although we ask that you purchase a minimum $5 raffle ticket. We will have over $500 in raffle prizes. We usually get 70+ model geeks showing up for a great time. It is BYOB ( beer or beverage of choice) we will cook up rollers and sliders. The TVMC members will bring side dishes. We will have plenty of ice. It is also BYOM- Bring your own model, in process or finished. If you want to sell stuff at the swap meet, bring a table and maybe a pop up tent. Set up is at 1100 and takedown will be at 1700 ( 11am-5 pm) We will also be selling Barritus Brewery merchandise to support the Barritus foundation which I am a co-founder. Please see our website. www.barritusbrewery.com This is a non-profit for veterans needs. We have a great time at this event and look forward to seeing all who can attend. Please RSVP to my email at jmwitous@aol.com prior to 11 October. At that time I will send you the address and directions. Bella Vista Ranch is about 11 miles west of the 15 FWY in Murrieta CA. Between Corona and Escondido CA) Ranchito Del Mikey Go DUCKS!
  9. Howdy Gus, I made my own too. Total cost about $125. The frame is a 4 shelf Gorrila Rack from Costco with the “booth” framed in to the top shelf with particle board. The vent is an over the stove type that vents out of the man cave.. The inside of the booth is lined with marker board material for easy cleanup. It has an inexpensive light bar. It is about 48” wide by 28 inches deep. Big enough to do most large projects. I will add some pictures as soon as I figure out how to post them.
  10. Outstanding build Pauli. Congrats on taking the silver at Ontario IPMS contest yesterday. What’s next? a Leopard?
  11. Should be Dark Ghost Gray upper and light Ghost Gray lower. I prefer Tamiya paints for airbrushing and mix my own to match color chips. I do use Tamiya fine primer gray as a base coat. good luck on the Bug, please post pics when you can
  12. Thanks Mikey, The hardest part of the build was figuring out how to put the swastikas on. the decals are in 2 pieces and there's nothing on the directions. Take care. We miss ya.
  13. Thanks James, Sorry no in progress pics. I was going too fast and trying to watch the games.
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