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  1. You are welcome J. I post "high res." for the details. So full size is available.
  2. Hi Folks, At "Le Bourget", "Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace. (iPhone pics) Enjoy ! Best, laurent.
  3. Another great build mate ! Choices made with great taste. Beautiful and very attractive display. I have built that "thing", i know lots of mojo is used into the building process. Big Up ! Laurent.
  4. They should indeed, i am going free-ride again...can't help it, i love the machines, not for what they were built for.
  5. Hi Thomas, thanks a lot ! for the tyres i surely would double-check too. But i have to stick to my storyboard...and it's a worn story-board. Yes they are majorly silver, but here i went for a "what-if" or "artistic licensed" or "have fun" project. (again) Cheers ! Laurent.
  6. Hi people, Latest update, main gear and rear wheel are on their way to completion. One of the two is completed and now time to finish the triplets. Weathering system is based on overlapping filters/washes/pigments. Bits of buffable silver "dry-brushing". Tamiya paints. Pics : Thanks for checking in, Cheers, Laurent.
  7. Hi Cees, Yes coming soon. Cheers mate.
  8. Hi. Thanks mate ! Latest pic is from a week or so... What is MIA pls ?
  9. Hello guys, Latest updates on the B17. Decided to get the 4 engines set, Master barrels and HGW seat-belts. So it's no longer OOB. Gear bays are 90% done : Main gear legs : I wanted first to build them oob, but plastic pipes are not reliable and broke. Moved along with a paint-striping and replacing the pipes details : That's for now folks... Thanks for checking in ! Cheers, Laurent.
  10. Hi gents, Thanks for the nice comments ! Update on this kit : Decided finally to cover the engine, base Aluminium done. Propeller should be in wood, but went free-ride for a metal version. Moving forward to the scheme paint. Cheers, Laurent.
  11. HK Models

    Great stuff ! Thanks for the great preview Jim ! Cheers, Laurent.
  12. Hello Fabian. Really happy to have you among us mate ! Looking forward to your updates. Welcome In ! May the force be with ya.