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  1. Thanks Harv! I should be there barring and natural disasters or lottery winnings!
  2. Not to worry bud, it only becomes a stigma when you start to do 1/72 fighters..
  3. OR. You could have him call y'all up (when your wife is there of course), let her answer it. He can ask if you can hold on to 'his' stash a little longer. Problem solved.
  4. Who else sells extracolor in the US? Kitlinx has some but not ral 7012. I was in the middle of a project and ran out of the color. Hannants has it but can't ship enamel paints to the US.
  5. Tell her you were holding them for a friend because his wife said that he had to many kits and you were just about to give them back. But to be safe the next place you disperse that pile to needs to be in smaller stacks.
  6. I dunno.... some of the Pix from Phoenix may come back to haunt a few of us in the future!
  7. Booked my room yesterday so I'll be there!!!
  8. Have you tried to cut tiny slits onto the decal film and trying to reapply the decal solutions again so it can get under the decal better?
  9. Looks great! Love the unique scheme, well done!
  10. The Dude


    2020 is a throw away year as far as I am concerned. Just keep your head down in the trenches and push through as best as possible and build models since there ain't much else to do. Modelers are already prepared to self quarantine and shut out the general public and work at a bench building something.
  11. That would interesting but a 1/32 lanc from meng would be $700 even if it was the original WnW mold
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