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  1. Good to hear all went well! Indeed if someone at a model show spit, licked or touched me inappropriately (unless it was a good looking gal) they would be in a hospital and not because of covid, lol!
  2. Anyone have a academy hornet they are willing to part with for a reasonable price? I need a couple for an up coming group build I am going to be part of. Prefer a US deal for obvious shipping cost. Post up or PM me if you can help, thanks! Brian
  3. Very cool, wish I could go! There has been ZERO model related anything around here since March of this year. Nothing. All the shows and even our local IPMS club meetings, cancelled. It sucks big time. Have fun for the rest of us!
  4. Mine is staying on one project at a time. I'll work on a kit for a little while- a few days to a few weeks then put it away for whatever reason. Usually to let something dry or simply loose interest in it then I'll jump to something else and do the same thing again. I have anywhere from 8-10 projects in rotation at any given time and once in awhile 2-3 models get finished in quick succession. That's one reason I rarely do WIP threads, it would get drawn out waaaay too long in-between updates.
  5. I've done dozens of WWII luftwaffe plane in 1/48 and 1/32 scale over the years and one of my unfortunate defects is A/C colors. I've used a few different brands of RLM colors for both fighters and bombers and IMHO the best match for Rlm 70/71 is the humbrol enamels. Even though I love the testors enamels they were off and didn't look right to my eye. I gotta say though I fought the humbrol paint tooth and nail but the end results were worth it, but you'll need to use humbrol thinner to airbrush them. Most photos showed little contrast between the two colors even in black and white shots.
  6. Thanks Harv! I should be there barring and natural disasters or lottery winnings!
  7. Not to worry bud, it only becomes a stigma when you start to do 1/72 fighters..
  8. OR. You could have him call y'all up (when your wife is there of course), let her answer it. He can ask if you can hold on to 'his' stash a little longer. Problem solved.
  9. Who else sells extracolor in the US? Kitlinx has some but not ral 7012. I was in the middle of a project and ran out of the color. Hannants has it but can't ship enamel paints to the US.
  10. Tell her you were holding them for a friend because his wife said that he had to many kits and you were just about to give them back. But to be safe the next place you disperse that pile to needs to be in smaller stacks.
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