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  1. I've dealt with them several times.. no problems so far.
  2. G**** F**** H***** M***** B***!!! yeah, I agree me too.
  3. Well I ended the year spending the day in the ER with several kidney stones. Not recommended!! Woke up with what I though was a sore back muscle and within about an hour I was doing the kidney stone boogie, if you've had one then I am sure you know what i'm talking about. Finally the wife had enough and called the ambulance and off I went. They got me in fairly quick and gave me a drip bag of morphine. Now THAT I recommend! Did a CT scan and found 5 stones total including the ones on the way out ranging from 1-2.5MM each, so more fun on the way! Hope y'all had a better New Years eve LOL!
  4. Lol, Ern, don't worry I have been eyeing the Rumpler and Salmson very hard. Christmas and a smoked transmission on my Suburban have directed my finances elsewhere... I may have to pimp myself out on main street to make up the money. dern it, where are them red pumps... 🤣
  5. Well I was going to go but my appendix had other plans for me and decided to leak/perforate a few weeks ago and since I walked around unknowingly for awhile with it perforated (I thought it was a stomach bug), I'll be dealing with that this week .. Something I don't recommend BTW and luckily the infection didn't go septic. Fortunately I was able to cancel the hotel and get refunded but, damn I wanted to go!
  6. If I am not mistaken that is the OLD revell mold from way back when (mid 1980's). I wouldn't touch it unless you want a basic slate for a super scratch build/P/E resin project. The new revell mold is much better as is the new Italeri one but that is a GR4. HTH
  7. Our local hobby shop has them already! Took this pic this morning just as they came in..
  8. Yup, the John Holmes of the squirrel tail world.
  9. Good save, glad no one was inured. It sucks though that they will probably have to tear it apart again from all the salt water getting into everything
  10. That's easy, the engineer is the one standing around and NOT getting his hands dirty, (god forbid).
  11. Harv, I am interested in the f-5f... Pm sent
  12. Good choice!! Quite frankly I would've picked that house over Vegas too.
  13. Well you can tell the guy that he has pretty good computer skills for being in his late '90's. Marvel him for being next to the real thing in Germany/Europe in 1944 and had time to study or measure out the tank in detail while he was there and record the markings/color/options/etc for posterity. Problem is that most of the folks that used most of the subject matter we build in miniature from past wars didn't care what it looked like or the color or the dimensions of it. The only thing 99% cared about was that their equipment kept them alive to let them go home one day.
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