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  1. Copy that. Thanks for the update. I'm not posting anything just trying to see what was posted but obviously can't. I didn't realized that Photobucket is now charging a subscription rate. A pricey one at that. It's laughable considering the cost of buying a personal domain and just targeting a pic inside an online folder. I also wonder if it's possible to point at pics on a Facebook account?
  2. I'm having the opposite problem of not being able to see photos posted from Photbucket. Instead, I get a pic with a message in it reading, "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting". I've looked in my settings but don't see a way to update my prefs. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for posting your progress, it's inspiring to watch. I just finished viewing a great documentary on the Lanc, and it was hosted by no other than a young Obi-Wan :: WWII Bomber Boys of Britain with Ewan McGregor. I'd never seen it before or much on this bomber until then. It's a fantastic show about a fantastic plane. Anyway, thanks again. WWII Bomber Boys of Britain with Ewan McGregor
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