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  1. looks phenomenal that camo, which paint brand did you use for the 74/75/76? cheers
  2. looking really good Jeroen, maybe you can add some of the placards and data cards on that right console to make it more visual busy looking, cheers
  3. looking good, the top armour seat were painted black
  4. cool project mate, what is the guess on the color for this one? 74/75/76 with red band like this one
  5. good to see you Rowdy on this forum, top class modeller! cheers
  6. great job, the seatbelts attachment should be closer form each other, here is some reference, keep the good, cheers
  7. that's looking sweet, I really like the final color mix!
  8. HI Jeroen, these are some colour pics of the barrack grey and mouse grey RLM 63 is a good match hope it helps, cheers
  9. thanks mate, glad about it! also me, thanks mate! cheers Progress from last session on the seat, printed some dashed lines on white decals and some barracuda leftovers also, hope you like it, until next, cheers Antonio
  10. Thanks Phil, keep those Mustang coming , cheers progres from today is the Instrument panel, used as reference guide the amazing work of John Terrell simulators, they are so accurate. Used mostly the Revell kit decals which are for the D-5 block, it's been a labor of love, had to cut each one independently to transfer to the panel, neck hurts but I'm satisfy, next is the seat cheers
  11. Thanks Harv, glad you like it mate, cheers first try with the hairspray technique on the chipping wood floor
  12. pics from today's session, some paint on the fuel tank, although the radio rack will cover mostly of the surface, cheers
  13. thanks mate! thanks, some Mr Surfacer and a rough brush, cheers thanks mate, stay tune! cheers
  14. small progres from today, gotta love Barracuda's pedals with NAA logo
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