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  1. wow, good job!! its great to see that you were able to get your engine panels closed, i couldn't get mine to fit property. well done
  2. Hi All, i was at the Airfix Anual competition which was held at the Air Foce Museum over the weekend, unfortunately i was there on the 2nd day and some entries have not been submitted as of yet. Her are some pictures that i took. Pls Enjoy.
  3. Hi Rob i found that the Tamiya decals are quite thick and dont respond well to decal softeners. this happened it started to "crack" and break apart. so i decided to try some roundel masks instead. HGW wet transfers are definitely the way to go
  4. Hi All this is my completed Spitfire. it was a fantastic kit, but had some real issues with the decals, other than than, its just great to work with.
  5. thanks Rob, i think its more paint than flash, will make some efforts to dull down that shine. thanks
  6. Hi All, Finished up my Tamiya 1/32 scale Mosquito. Had loads of fun building this kit and the precision of Tamiya is amazing. Had some aftermarket extras on the kit, namely Eduards interior and exterior photo etched parts, resin wheels, Nose and Belly guns. Decals are from EagleCal Hope you like it
  7. which softener did you use? the one by Revelle, Mircroscale or Mr. Hobby?
  8. wow, thats absolutely very good work. i am building a 1/32 scale Spitfire ( Tamiya), i heard that the Tamiya decals are way to thick, so i've decided to use Roundels from Revell, but if found that they are too thick too and do not respond well to decal softners, did you experience anything like that on your build?
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