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  1. What is the gray object? It looks like it could be a tube launched cruise missile... Kai
  2. Thanks gents and for looking in on my build! Back home now from my travels and just now getting caught up. Cheers! Kai
  3. Thanks friends for the kind words. I’ve been travelling with little acess to internet lately, so please excuse the blanket reply. Looking forward to returning home in the few weeks and to building some more Kai
  4. Thanks Drifter! Toys for Christmas, batteries for birthday.
  5. Gaz- thanks much and for following along with the build!
  6. Very nice Mikester- these look great with the backgrounds! Kai
  7. F/O Albert Medcalf’s Spitfire Mk.I (L1016 DW-Q), 610 Squadron 610 squadron began operations over the Belgium area in early May 1940, and by the 27th were supporting the Dunkirk evacuations when they encountered an He-111. While the the bomber was dispatched, 610 squadron in turn found themselves in combat with some 40 Me-110’s. Three of the Messerschmitt’s were accounted for, however 610 lost two of their own- Sergeant William Medway and FO Albert Medcalf. By the time operation Dynamo was concluded, half of the original members of 610 squadron would killed, missing or wounded. Thi
  8. A final update here. The Eagle Editions decals included the tape for the gun ports, however they looked a little bigger than images I was finding on the internet, so I used Tamiya tape instead. I ended up painting these Model Master Crimson Red. Here is a before-after pic of the Quickboost exhausts which are much better than either the Revell or Hasagawa parts. On the right, the base color, which is a home brew mix made from Tamiya colors. On the left, a simple application of pigments. Much of the effect was lost once a flat coat was applied, so I had to re-apply pi
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