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  1. Thanks Hubert for the kindness. I have uploaded a gallery with photos of the work in progress on my blog in the folder Junkers D1 work in progress, below the shelf queen photo gallery I hope it will be of help. I quickly uploaded the photos in no specific order so youll have to sift through them, sorry just didnt have time to sort them out by date...
  2. Gaz its great to see you posting my friend. Sorry haven't had a chance to be around very much! Thanks for the kind words!
  3. Mike thanks for stopping by and leaving a word!
  4. Rob, You can critique as much as you want when it comes to me. I have been blessed to have parents who brought me up the old fashioned way when critique was not just expected but encouraged in order for people to improve. Unlike the snowflake generation trend you see going around on other forums, where any different opinion is frowned upon and positive reinforcement is always expected, with me you can go ahead and shoot straight Problem is i am not very good at taking photos, the technical side of it. I just bought a second hand EOS600D that was barely used and it was sold with two lenses the 18-55 and the 55-250 and three books with the bundle. I am enjoying reading the books before going to sleep. While some of the concepts are universal to the Sony RX100mk3 i have been using for years (the photos of the Junkers were taken with it), and all other cameras, i am getting acquainted with where to find everything on the EOS and how to tweak the settings. I am hoping this will help out in improving the overall photo quality even though the image sensor on the EOS is older and has less mpx capacity. This is countered by the fact its a proper DSLR where you can use the appropriate lens for the occasion. Thank you again for stopping by and for the recommendation and kind comments. I will have to try the 55-250 for the photos then and see how things go from there. The good thing is the F number goes quite high so i can keep every part of the model in focus lol!
  5. Gus thanks for the kind comment! Yes it seems the wingless version is indeed catching on lol... it's different and does indeed look good. I am working now on the Marienfelde truck and hopefully once that is done my friends and i can start on the layout and groundwork for the dio...
  6. Smitty thanks for the kind comments. Things are okay, just super busy flying all around... This month too is going to be horrible with no chance of being home with my daughter for Christmas... The leading edge of the wings were the most challenging bit of the whole build, i used micro files initially then followed by pieces of sandpaper wrapped on a blade then i used tamiya extra thin to smooth everything out... The kit overall is a real joy to build and the only fit problems i had was the left flashguard arching but that was maybe due to the Barracudacast resin intake manifold... the kit is a real little gem to build and alot of fun!
  7. Hey Phil, it has been a while... i have been so busy with work and life that i can't be sitting at the bench without something popping up and requiring my attention... i am hoping the period after Christmas and new year's will be quieter and i will be able to go back to my regular programming... Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to leave a word!
  8. Tony thank you my friend for taking the time to leave a word! Karim
  9. Hey guys... Been super busy lately and didn't really get a chance to post anything, or to build as much as i would have liked, to be honest. Let me present to you Wingnut Wings's lovely all metal monoplane. I built this as a side project with two great friends, Lebanese master modellers Bernard Bassous and Imad Bou Antoun, both regular contributors to international magazines and recognized top tier gentlemen. The Junkers will eventually be placed in a diorama we are working on collaboratively. In addition to the kit's contents i have extensively scratch built engine components such as the spark advance and throttle/throttle body, also used Barracudacast intake manifold, the Rexx albatros metal exhaust (at the time of the build, Rexx hadn't started selling the Junkers D.I specific exhaust), Taurus valves and rockers, Taurus spark plugs, Albion alloy tubing, Gaspatch turnbuckles and Master brass barrels amongst others. The tubing is from Bob's Buckles as always. Custom masks are courtesy of my silhouette plotter. All paints are Alclad II and MRP for general paint, and Tamiya and Gunze for detail painting. Uschi leather decals were also used on the build along with their metallic pigments. Weathering was done using mainly pigments, colored pencils and products from Ammo Mig. This is only part one of the diorama and coming up soon should be the Aviattic 1/32 Marienfelde truck to complete my contribution to the planned diorama. Of note, this is the first model i have photographed with my new photo setup rig so i am hoping the photo quality has improved! I would like to thank Sukerumodera for their kind support providing me with the required Ammo Mig products during the build phase! As always, stay safe and happy modeling! Karim
  10. karimb

    1/32 ZM Horten 229 / Eday 2018

    Gentlemen A big thank you to each and everyone for taking the time to leave such kind comments and posts! Karim
  11. Hello gentlemen, Have been quite busy lately with EDay IPMS contest and being on leave, and just got round to post this. The kit is the Zoukei Mura 1/32 Horten 229 and it was my first kit from ZM and one of my planned contest entry for EDay 2018. In all honesty i was really positively pleased with the engineering and the fit of the parts on the kit and i have since added a couple of the ZM 32nd kits to the stash and am looking forward to building them. To the basic kit i have added HGW textile harnesses, Master brass barrels, ZM resin weighted wheels and UVDR woodgrain decals. The initial plan was to have the wings displayed on a trestle which i had scratchbuilt but did not have time to properly paint and weather in time for the contest in Prague. Scratchbuilt items were added to the kit in terms of wiring and some missing items. All paints were MRP and tamiya, metallics were Alclads. The exhaust heatshield metallic plating was done by foiling. Weathering was done using Ammo MIG products including filters, washes and pigments, and prismacolor pencils. I finished the kit one night before the deadline and managed to pack it safe and sound for the two leg trip to Czech Republic. To my total surprise, the Horten won best aircraft of show in the hobby category scale 1/40 and above! I thank my sponsors for the show, Sukerumodera, for the custom made tshirts and the logistic support! Happy days! Thank you for checking the post Karim
  12. karimb

    Wingnut Wings Bristol F2B

    Thanks all for the kindness! she took third place is the masters category at the Czech national ipms contest a few days ago. Quite happy! Karim
  13. karimb

    Wingnut Wings Bristol F2B

    Hey Smitty. Honestly i just went with the regular EZline for the rigging. Didn’t bother with using the thicker version and making sure it would be stretched right to look flat. I also stay away from the pe ones after a bad experience on the camel a few posts below! hth Karim
  14. karimb

    Wingnut Wings W.12 1407

    Thanks guys for the kind comments! Karim
  15. karimb

    Wingnut wings Camel F.1

    Thank you all for taking the time to leave such kind comments! Karim