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  1. karimb

    1/32 ZM Horten 229 / Eday 2018

    Gentlemen A big thank you to each and everyone for taking the time to leave such kind comments and posts! Karim
  2. Hello gentlemen, Have been quite busy lately with EDay IPMS contest and being on leave, and just got round to post this. The kit is the Zoukei Mura 1/32 Horten 229 and it was my first kit from ZM and one of my planned contest entry for EDay 2018. In all honesty i was really positively pleased with the engineering and the fit of the parts on the kit and i have since added a couple of the ZM 32nd kits to the stash and am looking forward to building them. To the basic kit i have added HGW textile harnesses, Master brass barrels, ZM resin weighted wheels and UVDR woodgrain decals. The initial plan was to have the wings displayed on a trestle which i had scratchbuilt but did not have time to properly paint and weather in time for the contest in Prague. Scratchbuilt items were added to the kit in terms of wiring and some missing items. All paints were MRP and tamiya, metallics were Alclads. The exhaust heatshield metallic plating was done by foiling. Weathering was done using Ammo MIG products including filters, washes and pigments, and prismacolor pencils. I finished the kit one night before the deadline and managed to pack it safe and sound for the two leg trip to Czech Republic. To my total surprise, the Horten won best aircraft of show in the hobby category scale 1/40 and above! I thank my sponsors for the show, Sukerumodera, for the custom made tshirts and the logistic support! Happy days! Thank you for checking the post Karim
  3. karimb

    Wingnut Wings Bristol F2B

    Thanks all for the kindness! she took third place is the masters category at the Czech national ipms contest a few days ago. Quite happy! Karim
  4. karimb

    Wingnut Wings Bristol F2B

    Hey Smitty. Honestly i just went with the regular EZline for the rigging. Didn’t bother with using the thicker version and making sure it would be stretched right to look flat. I also stay away from the pe ones after a bad experience on the camel a few posts below! hth Karim
  5. karimb

    Wingnut Wings W.12 1407

    Thanks guys for the kind comments! Karim
  6. karimb

    Wingnut wings Camel F.1

    Thank you all for taking the time to leave such kind comments! Karim
  7. Was at the HPH stand at Eday and had a long chat with Mirek. i didn’t manage to take photos of the conversion kit though but we spoke of it! Karim
  8. Haha whatever it is i am going to break the piggy bank and get doubles lol!
  9. Just thought I’d drop a line if anyone has noticed this previously http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/ there are three new releases baking in the oven from our favorite nz firm! Apparently rumor states the announcement of the types will be made at the AJMH show in Tokyo between the 28th and 30th! Karim
  10. karimb

    E-Day 2018

    By the way you nearly gave me a heart attack damn it hahaha i read exhibit open to public on Saturday 23 which is tomorrow. Then i realized its a mistake. The show is on the 28th K
  11. karimb

    E-Day 2018

    Yup i am going. It’s my annual summer contest trip plus its the time i spend with Jaroslav, his wife and his son which i always look forward to. Got the dslr and 4 spare batteries not to get any interruptions in the photo stream. Got three kits in the running too let’s see if they will place well. Jaroslav is in the running too! PLUS i am running late on the horten for the hobby category. Should wrap it up by tonight then packing time then off home for a couple of days then off flying again to Prague! i will post a show report and the photos if there is interest on LSM! Karim
  12. karimb

    Wingnut Wings Roland D.VIb

    Thanks buddy! Brings back old memories that one!
  13. karimb

    Cutter/Mitre Tool

    Well since Hubert said it, i use the chopper too and the blade seems to deflect too on it... this is why i mentioned the thickness of the blades on the RP one seems to be more useful and probably would tend to have less bending i reckon... Jim, will do if i get one!
  14. This kit has won 3rd place at EDay 2018 IPMS national contest in Czech Republic in the masters aircraft 1/39 and above category! Last entry for today! My 2018 Eday IPMS Czech Republic entry for the masters category in Prague on the 28th of September. Wingnut wings's Bristol F2B finished as the crocodile. The whole scheme was airbrushed using home made masks on the silhouette plotter after i found out the OHM decal sheet was 25% larger than the kit parts! The crocodile mouth was painted by brush along with the fish in its jaws. The wicker seat was scratchbuilt using EZline thick version intertwined around a frame i made using brass rod. I am quite happy with the way it turned out but i already have learnt a few lessons for the next wicker seat! HGW textile belts were used except for the gunner's turret belt. For the engine i used a Taurus resin priming cup to simulate the oil tap on the oil tank. I also used Modelkasten rubber wire to simulate the ignition harnesses. REXx metal exhausts were used this time and they add alot of inscale effect to the engine, but next time i will insert small rods to make sure the alignment is correct. A little bit of scratchbuiling here and there to bring the kit up to the level of accuracy i wanted for the crocodile. All painting was done using the MRP lacquer line, all weathering was done using ammo mig washes, oils and pigments. No decals were used except for the stencils... A thoroughly enjoyable build! you can find the in detail sequence in the gallery folder under detailed builds on my blog Edit: in going over the build before getting ready for packing for the contest, i decided to remove the foiling on the prop leading edge, sand and since then the metallic strips have been repainted with alclad dull alu. look cleaner and better defined Karim