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A vehicle that's a tank, but it's not a tank?

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Hey all

 Yeah, it's me again. This is another build tread that Jeff said I had to post. So here we go. 

 Jeff has had me on this logging kick for awhile. The DM800 with Peerless logging trailer, a scratch built IH Paystar 5000 with scratch built logging loader mounted on it, Italeri 1/24 timber trailer converted from European version to modern Peerless logging trailer and this build.

20240508_173047.jpgMack 1/25 DM800 offroad logging truck.

20240507_163442.jpgSame thing before paint.

20240511_153527.jpg1/25 Peerless logging trailer with modifications.

20240430_144726.jpgScratch built logs for trailer.

20240606_154032.jpg1/25 International Harvester Paystar 5000 with custom log loader mounted on the rear.

20240424_170547.jpg1/24 Italeri timber trailer modified into an American Peerless modern logging trailer.

3d90b6fe-4692-4c03-bf26-36b2c85ba793.pngThis is a rendering of what it will look like when done. Scratch building logs for this to.

Ron G 

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  • CrankyCrafstman changed the title to A vehicle that's a tank, but it's not a tank?

Hey all

 And now on to this build. It is my representation of a KMC 2600 log skidder. It's made right up there by were Jeff lives in British Columbia, Canada. I've never seen one of these other then pictures. So all  I  have to go on is pictures and Jeff.

 It started out as a OLD Tamiya 1/25 scale T-85 tank kit. It's not a bad kit for It's age. It has individual link tracks and working suspension.

These are the pictures I'm using to build this.





20240612_123853.jpgThis is the kit I'm using. And this is what's in the kit.





20240612_125948.jpgThis is all you get to figure out how the tracks go together.

20240612_130132.jpgSprings and axles.

20240612_130506.jpgTrack peices.

20240612_130537.jpgSome of the track assembled.

Ron G 

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Hey all 

 The tracks were a real pain in the ~☆# you know what! They are made out of a rubbery plastic kinda like nylon, but not. You have to force them together link by link. It reminded me why I'm not fond of tank kits.

20240612_131053.jpgThese are the two different links that come in the kit

20240612_131121.jpgAs you can see they are going to be hard to assemble 

20240612_130546.jpgAnd this is how they go together. 33 of each type per side.

20240612_154137.jpgI had to narrow the kit hull by a scale 17" (0.68") or 17.3mm. Inorder to make it 8' 10" wide across the tracks.

20240612_154642.jpgHull sides glued together and wheels attached.

20240612_173829.jpgSome more work on the hull.

20240613_133546.jpgOne set of tracks installed.

20240613_142857.jpgBoth sets of tracks installed. They are just tight enough to work, but loose enough to remove for painting.

Ron G 

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Hey all

 More work done on the skidder.

20240613_142905.jpgView looking rearward of hull and tracks 

20240613_142913.jpgView of the bottom of the skidder.

20240613_171340.jpgThis is a partial mock up of the skidder.

20240613_171422.jpgI cut the top of the tanks rear upper hull into peices and reassembled it into this. The engine cover for the skidder.

20240614_161341.jpgHere's were I'm at with this build. There will be screened engine hatches on the sides and for the front radiator opening. I still have a lot of scratch building to do before this is finished.

20240614_161417.jpgThese are the engine access openings. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon.

Ron G 

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That Jeff guy is somewhat relentless. He shud be banned. 🤭🤭🫣 Your scratch work is awesome there, bud . Not a talent I possess. This will turn out to be another spectacular build. Are you going to make all your logging iron the same company? Or different contractors? This will look cool either loading or on a low bed……


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Hey all

  More work done on the skidder. I have the cab pretty much done, build wise that is. The white square tubing are the covers for the front blade cylinders.

20240617_170823.jpgThe front is to the right.

20240617_170854.jpgWhite tubes are the covers for the blade cylinders.

20240617_170925.jpgThe open area at the left is were the log grapple and cylinders for it will go.

Ron G 

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