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  1. Awesome! I am so excited about this one!! Im in for two sets for sure! cheers Pete
  2. Hi Gents, this one is done! thanks for looking- cheers Pete
  3. Thanks Peter- you’ve always been one of my favorite modelers, so a compliment from you is a shot in the arm cheers Pete
  4. Hey all, the base is pretty much done- and here is the first test fit on my cluttered bench- Harold from AMS Resin is casting me some straight, in-flight blades from a master that I made. The kit blades are molded with droop, which is great for a display on the ground, but won’t work for my in flight display- cheers Pete
  5. Thanks all for the encouraging words! a few filters with my iPhone- looks almost believable! cheers Pete
  6. Just need to build the main rotor, finish up the display base, and this’ll be done! cheers Pete
  7. Thanks all- if you look closely, there is a working dog in the helo cabin... cheers Pete
  8. Thank you! each figure took a few evenings of painting..probably 1 week per figure cheers Pete
  9. All of the figures were hand painted with Vallejo acrylics. This gunner from Live Resin was a joy to paint- their figures are fantastic! cheers Pete
  10. Here is the fast rope assembly that attaches to the cabin ceiling- cheers Pete
  11. Here are the cockpit doors- I forgot to add the red emergency egress pull straps- oh well. Next time! Cheers Pete
  12. Here’s a look at the armored floor- just simple hairspray chipping between layers- cheers Pete
  13. Thanks Hubert- been meaning to join here for a while- nice folks cheers Pete
  14. Hi! a lot of the cabin gear is/are 1/35th resin military accessories. The cabin roof was opened up and all of the electronics scratch built. the I.V. Bags are scratch built out of epoxy resin...not too bad to do- cheers Pete
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