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  1. Quinta all the way. I have about 8 of their sets and all are exceptional. I think they are superior to Red Fox.
  2. Really nice work and I think the finish is just right.
  3. Nice haul, and Res Kit stuff is great.
  4. Thanks mate. I left my brother in law and his family still in Ukraine about 40 Km's from the Russian border. They are living in their basement and have Russian tanks in the street. He was shot at by Russian soldiers while driving down the highway to work on the first day of the invasion as the Russians were hiding in the forest. He and his family can't get out presently as we tried to evacuate them but couldn't reach them. The Russians are looting everyone's house for food, clothing, and valuables knowing the families are in their basements hiding. The Russians are not soldiers, they are thugs.
  5. Hi all, looking to buy a set of the True Detail seats if anyone has a set they do not not want. Thanks, Max
  6. After a long hiatus living in the Ukraine countryside I have returned to Australia, modelling and this site. Just wanted to say hi to all and especially to Ernie and Harv!
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