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  1. maybe you already know this one https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.largescaleplanes.com%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F88879-32nd-mirage-iiid2z-with-scaleworx-conversion-set%2F&psig=AOvVaw1k2een6ffqUYBCq0tcPDHi&ust=1652280552828000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCMjvh-6W1fcCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  2. hi guys thank you for your comments the scaleworx conversion ,was a challenge for me , maybe a more skillful modeler will nail it more easily than me , I encountered fit issues with the forward fuselage / main fuselage junction , but the worst fit was with the engine intakes , but as you can see , even if you have to use putty , sand paper or file , there is always a way to get a "decent " result cheers Alain
  3. hi guys do you like the Mirage ???? I do !!!!! here is my last build . A conversion from " Scaleworx " , the base is the Revell / Italieri kit .... It wasn't a cool journey , I had to fill gaps , sand down , sometimes improvised , but despite the issues , I enjoyed building this kit .. I replaced the conversion seats , which are rather nice though , with the seats from " sparkit " .....any critics , and comments are welcome .. thanks !!!!!! cheers Alain 7 the "Sparkit "seats
  4. hi I like the Mirage in any version , so ,I like yours of course !!!!! great finish !!!!! I plan to build the Israeli CJ too, but in two shades of grey ... I can see that you used the " Sparkit" seat , a piece of art !!!!!! ......................very good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  5. hi almost done , still some stuff like gears , and the seats cheers
  6. Hi Gus thank you for your comment !! I know your Cheetah , that's a great build , I am usually not keen of this kind of paint scheme , but i have the Scaleworx Cheetah D , and you give me the idea for painting mine as you did here , it's very eyes catching scheme you were talking about John 's conversion , , you said that it needs perseverance etc .. , but it's worth it , I agree , I am currently on his Mirage III D conversion , a " hard way " , but I really enjoy this build my rendition Mirage III D
  7. thanks for the comments !!!!!! Scaleworx didn't make a conversion for this version , He made a conversion for the Cheetah E version , and the Cheetah D ...A friend of mine provided me the main parts , namely the nose cone ( part I had to reworked on because done for the old Revell kit ) , and the long fairing underneath .
  8. hi very beautiful Phantom , your patience , and determination paid off , you should be proud !! I wonder why no one among all the AF manufacturers have the idea of producing a conversion for this iconic Brit AC ( maybe the subject is too Brit ...... precisely 😕
  9. Hi everyone today , not in my introduction , I told you that I am a fan of the mirage , So , let me show you , not exactly a Mirage , but a sort of ... a hybrid , , midway of a Kfir , and a Mirage this conversion , is based upon the Italieri kit , , with a new resin nose cone , and miscellaneous other specific parts ... the fuselage was stretched to 19 mm behind the cockpit ... thank you for viewing cheers Alain
  10. Hi Gents thank you very much for these kind words ,I appreciate !!!! Yes AlanG I am Alain that's how I will sign now cheers Alain
  11. Hi everyone let me introduce myself : I am Mirage ( yes , I like this AC ) I am a French modeler for a long time now , I build only large scale models , maybe some of you already know me on LSP forum under a different name however, but I come here from time to time because there are some interesting builds here too ....I hope to share some of my build soon .. thank you for welcoming me in your community cheers
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