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  1. Really sad for your loss. My condolences to you and to all those who are suffering for your partner's fatality.
  2. My stash is still in its "teens"; being a very slow modeler, I think it fits my needs. Anyway, my wish list is rather long ,... but I shall resist... or at least try to... .
  3. I deleted my post because I realized the subject should be a T55 while mine is a T 62, so, wrong tank.
  4. Me too, Hubert and all other social media too. Model forums are the maximum effort I can indulge, and only in limited doses.
  5. Hubert, just yesterday on our local newspaper informed that a school in Udine is renewing one of its training a/c and their C45 will leave the aircraft maintenance teaching lab, where it contributed to create maintenace crews for decades, to be fully restored and put again into the air. Here is a link to a page showing their collection of "didactical tools", unfortunately in Italian language, and their facebook page. If you need info about the Beech, I think you can find a good source in that school. http://www2.malignani.ud.it/WebEnis/aer/sezione/parcoAerei.htm https://m.facebook.com/ISIS-Arturo-Malignani-111902640254643/ Andrea
  6. Very easy to answer as, at the moment, just one is finished and still at home (the others are already in the new but still inhabited house). Unfortunately, it's not a LSM, it's a BrailleSM... . in a normalr situation my choice would be the Panther ausf G
  7. My small stash (about 10 kits) is proudly displaying the EduArt P40N and the Takom Panther ausf.G w/steel weels full interior: quite big boxes and rather full but not as big as those of BlrwestSir. Sorry but no pics available; I'm divided from my bench and stash by COVID security measures as I've been caught by the movement restrictions in the middle of the transfer to a new house... Andrea.
  8. Waiting for the 1/32 Whirlwind.... Andrea
  9. My best wishes to both of you.
  10. Going to follow this build. Italian subjects are a must to me! Andrea.
  11. Phil, thank you very much. I've been following LSM for a couple of years and finally made up my mind.
  12. The complete (almost, IMHO) P.G. Wodhouse production in e-book (I've reached 56% and still facing 60 hrs of merry reading).
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