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Russian aviation WW2


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Good time. I doubt that I write in the right section. If I'm wrong please ispravte. I have a question - will there be interest from colleagues in the Russian aviation WW2?? My colleagues and I are preparing to release a 32 scale (small series) model.



If all goes as planned, then -
in September will be La-5FN (later will be the La-5 and La-7)
in November will be the Yak-1 and Yak-3 (later to be the Yak-1M Yak-7 and Yak-9)
yanvore to be ready bomber Db-3/Il-4
If you're interested, I can put you a couple of photos of the process ...
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Lavochkins make the most intersting fighter for me


I would LOVE a *good* Pe-2 though in 1/32


Yes please do post any pictures / in progress shots etc


Many thanks



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the La5 has soooo many colourful options i can't wait to see more


the il-4 bomber is a much "braver" choice - for that the choice of medium (injection mould / short run / resin???) may play an even more significant role: personally, i might take a chance on a short run Lavochkin, but probably not on the bomber


please do let us have more information as soon as you have - cant wait to see more


thanks again



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On all models (initially) will be the fuselage and wings of the technology Vacuum molding, and all the other details - plastic low pressure. 

Unfortunately the equipment that we have now, is not able to shed large-sized form.

All models will be equipped with a set of translated mark characters


Here for example a couple of interesting options

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Hi Johann


thanks for the update (wow that il-4 is big isnt it?!)


there are many talented modellers on here who will happily make vacform kits, but sadly I do not have those skills :(


i realise you probably know this, but from a commercial point of view, vacform will really limit your audience


or am i misunderstanding you?


still, please do keep the news coming, it is certainly an interesting project


many thanks again



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Yes. Certain limitations on Vacuum molding - there is, but ...

We have developed such a separation of parts in which the end user will get them already in the form of finished parts for assembly.  

Ie the end user will not have problems with cutting out parts of the plane

Vacuum molding of parts will not differ from the details from plastic low pressure, with the exception of the casting frame

To me it is hard to describe, but I will gladly show you the photo after the first model. Many questions will disappear
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Very interested that you've worked out a method of getting the parts to the modeller without need to remove from carrier sheet.


Will that include the transparencies? Those are often the parts that cause the most dread...


Look forward to seeing some more progress..



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Everything is going according to plan, and therefore - by September will be a pair of test patterns to test assembly and test quality.

Looking ahead to say - it will be a full set of cockpit and engine of the resin. Set of etched details. All small items will be casting. Vacuum will be only wings and fuselage

Cabin windows will also be casting

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  • 4 weeks later...


My wife, now with the words - "And I also want something for you to do," began to think about drawing for a boxes ))))





I see that you have used my artwork of the Yak-3 on the box mock-up. I have no objection to you using it but if you intend to use other peoples artwork, you should ask their permission first or you may run into difficulties with copyright. The artist who did the Lavochkin may have other views.


Good luck with your project.



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1000 apology. The problem of the modern world that the Internet is more freely available and there is no way of knowing whether this is the author's work. Laid out whether the author is realized in free access or is the work of pirates.

I assure you that at the arte works of others will not.


Once again, I express my deep apology

(but now I know whose work it)))


As soon as I get out of the hospital, I will show updates on models and present the finished art boxes

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No, no. No problem. again I apologize for the misunderstanding. Image borrowed from the Yak-3 on the Polish site. Nor any mention of the author unfortunately did not find (old sketches atra removed for ethical reasons.

Once again, I apologize to all.

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