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Test Post: Hasegawa 1/32nd FW-190D

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This is something of a test run to see if I fully grasp this whole PhotoBucket-To-Post Pics concept:


Hase's FW-190D that I completed a couple of years ago. Built straight out of the box. I had initially thought that I had gone a bit heavy on the mottling, but I have since seen a couple of other folk's builds that would seem to lend some creedence to my interpretation of the (scant) available photos of this particular aircraft.


Having read in reviews of the kit that the white stripe decals turned a lurid pink when applied over the red underside, I opted to paint the stripes on myself.


Forgive the rather unimaginative paint booth background (I took the photo with my phone, thus the quality is less than stellar).








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Love looking Dora! I love the JV44 Dora's!


Another tip about posting photos... you can left click on the photo and click on "Copy image" and then "Paste" it into your post.

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"Sell my kit iam going to heaven"


Love JV44 Ds well done


I had an Alfa Dora Electric RC RED 1 and repainted her to look like that, looked magic in the air with the red belly and white stripes had to sell her.

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Hi Matt,


The top coat is my favorite mix of Tamiya flat mixed with Future. I have found it to be an almost "no fail" technique.


My usual mix to achieve this finish is 1 part Tamiya flat to 3 parts Future.




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