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  1. I would say its one of the best, except for the upside down "flaps" of course (drains point down) Side windows seem to fit fine, probably best left until the end to attach (which is what I ended up doing with the one I am working on). Fit on the rest of the kit can be challenging if you don't take your time to get everything assembled properly. Doug
  2. Here is a link to the only WIP I'm aware of for the HpH 410: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53305 I've got the kit in my stash as well, and it's on the short list for a build (which means probably in the next couple of years, lol) Doug
  3. Here is another of my hobbies, although I do spend more time driving them than working on them: '66 MGB '73 240Z Doug
  4. Looks good so far, can't wait to see some paint on this one Doug
  5. That wood really looks nice! I may have to try this myself one day. Doug
  6. Looks great Aaron! The kit is indeed a very nice build with few vices. Just need to get rid of those two frames on the windscreen. Real thing doesn't have frames, but the plexi pieces join there so you don't need to obliterate the frames, just polish them out so that they look like the clear plexi join lines. Doug
  7. Could be Ali is going out of business as suspected, or maybe he wants to get out of the retail side and just make products. Until further annoucements from Ali, hard to tell. Doug
  8. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! I really appreciate it Doug
  9. Looks like you're off to a great start Ralph! Makes me want to drag out one of my Ju88's in the stash Doug
  10. As promised, here are a few snaps of my finished MiG-3. As those who followed my build thread saw, this was a nice, pleasant build with only some minor "modeling skills" required to improve a few areas. And, for those who prefer, it turns out there are some aftermarket sets now available to provide replacement control surfaces and prop blades, which can make things even easier. For this build I tried to replicate "Red 02" seen in a photo taken in March 1942 on the occasion of the 120 IAP, responsible for Moscow air defense, being "promoted" to the 12th Guards. Analysis of this aircraft by some authors indicates that the wings were a close match color-wise to the red on the fuselage markings. It is also clear in the photo that the outer wings do not have the leading edge slats, making it seem these were replacements from an earlier aircraft or from spares. This has led some to surmise that the outer wings were actually green. However, other winter scheme MiG-3's also have additional red markings applied, and it would not seem unrealistic that the 120 IAP would have painted the replacement outer wings of one of their MiG-3's red to celebrate their "promotion" to becoming a Guards unit. And since red looks much better than green on this scheme, it convinced me to err on the side of red. The model was painted with Mr Color paints, with the exception of the underside A II Light Blue, which was from White Ensign. As the photo of the actual aircraft shows some "crud" around the join between the engine cowls and the fuselage, I used some burnt umber oil paint to try to capture that look. The rest of the aircraft appears to be quite clean, suggesting that perhaps it had been "cleaned" up a bit for the photo-op. On to the photos! The real thing: My effort: Overall, I am pleased with the build, and the end result is a colorful addition to my display case "museum" that really stands out. Now if I can ever source a new windscreen (see build thread for details), I will build a summer scheme with my second MiG-3 kit. Thanks for looking! Doug
  11. Engine looks great, looking forward to more! Doug
  12. Great looking 219! Well done sir! Doug
  13. I think it looks great, and also think they would have sold at least 2 to 3 times as many (or even more) had they done it in 1/32 scale. Doug
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