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Hello from HobbyNutModels.com!


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Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a little self promotion, I am a model builder for the past 44 years, and building the occasional commission model since 2001. My business background was selling military aircraft parts to the US Government, working at Boeing full time managing the Kiowa helicopter engine program contract for the Army during the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and later working with the USAF on their T-38’s. Last year I left my job and went into the modeling hobby full time building commission models and selling on eBay, recently I leveraged all my past modeling and business experience and started my own shop, HobbyNutModels.com 


I became a site sponsor today, so to celebrate, I invite everyone here to check out my shop, if you are interested in purchasing anything, I have put in a special code to give you 10% off, “FRIENDS10FEB” good through the end of the month. All products in my store are in stock, with the single exception of Quinta Studios 3D, I have a large order placed and expected in a few weeks, and I will be accepting pre-orders for anything I don’t have. I just placed a second order today for some additional items, however, if you go ahead and pre-order anything from Quinta Studio, shipping is free on them. I will be placing another order in a couple weeks, turn around time from them is rapid, about 2 weeks. 


Keep checking back often, I am loading new and used items into my store every day.


Thanks All!

Mark K



P.S. Unfortunately due to the extremely high cost of shipping overseas, I am limiting sales to the US and Canada. I checked this morning, the average price for shipping overseas of a medium sized model, is about $45-65 USD. I believe that as air travel returns to normal over the next year, prices should decrease.

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