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What products would you most like to see me carry in my HobbyNut store?


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I’m just doing a quick, informal poll as to what products you might want to see me carry in my web store? 

As it stands right now, I am going to be fully supporting Quinta Studio items in 1/32 and most in 1/48, I will try to carry all US and European aircraft, and some of the more popular Russian and Chinese aircraft. I am also going to try to stock the full line of 1/32 Tamiya aircraft, and try to get the latest releases for other large scale subjects. I do plan on also carrying Tamiya LP line of paints when available, however, these are still unavailable. 

So now, I ask you, what is something you would like to see me carry?



Mark (1to1scale)


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No guarantee, but I’ll work on all of them. Tamiya Lacquer paint is already on order. I am also buying Kinetic direct, as well as Quinta Studio and Salvinos JR models. Many other things I can get from my distributor, if anyone needs anything, check with me and I’ll see if I can order it for you.

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