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  1. Today I managed to paint and assemble the engines. Only painting of the compressor wheel and inner parts of the turbines necessary. I used AK Extreme Metal, Alclad II and Tamiya Weatherine Sets to achieve the results. This is how the original looks like: And my interpretation: Exhaust tubes: Impossible to remove these ejector-pinmarks. Luckily not visible when assembled. Afterburner-rings: Exhaust-nozzles from the inside: Turbine-wheel and afterburner-ring assembled: Compressor wheel assembled: Exhaust tube assembled: Next step now will be the assembly of the fuselage mid-section.
  2. Awesome and fast build Carl! You really compete with John…😉
  3. Awesome work Mark, come on and finish her!
  4. Very nice work Kevin! Will be a little beauty in the end!
  5. The aircraft is a model? I thought I see pictures of the real thing! Great work Mike!
  6. Great work and interesting surgery technique!
  7. Copy Mark Peter: great work so far and high speed (but not like John 😉).
  8. Great tank and figures Gary. Like Martinfb said: simply perfect. I especially love the way you painted the figures.
  9. Great start of an unique model. Will follow your build closely!
  10. Thank you all for your feedback and sorry for the late reply. I’ve been at the 41st celebration of my Highschool exam (41st because of the Covid-restrictions last year) in my hometown in northern Germany. I will continue with the build next week.
  11. Great build Peter! This is a perfect build of an iconic car. I’m curious to see the next car you build.
  12. Copy Rob: Great job Marc! Will be an awesome build in the end!
  13. Great looking figured Gary. The stripping and starting the paintjob again fully paid off!
  14. Great start done by the chief restorer Peter 😉. Will follow your build closely!
  15. Thank you all for your feedback! Small update: today I finished the black stripes inside the intakes. Again lots of masking but now it’s finished. This is how the real thing looks like: And my work: Masking… And painting finished: With this finished I can now go on with the assembly of the mid fuselage section.
  16. Unbelievable misfit but your surgery will work for sure!
  17. Thank you all for your feedback ! I hope that you have as much fun with the set as I have Mark. After some absence I found some time to continue my build. I finished the main landing gear legs and the painting of all intake parts after removing several visible sink-marks on them (thank you Italeri! 🤬). Next step will be the painting of the black edges and assembly of the intakes.
  18. The improvement of the cowl-flaps really pays off and the camo scheme turns out very nice. With this size it’s essential that you can paint the wings and fuselage separately. Made the same experience when painting my HK Lancaster.
  19. Great work on the GT Peter! Can’t wait to see it cross the finish-line!
  20. Great work so far Bill. I’ve also used Future as „decal glue“ and it works well.
  21. Perfect work Mark! Can’t wait to see the progress on your build!
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