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  1. Here are some pics of the work in progress of my Tamiya Corsair Diorama depicting the aircraft of Gregory Boyington in a scene called „Propaganda Debriefing“. I want to share these pictures with you although I build the model and diorama already in 2017 so that you do not always see only my finished models. I will post some fotos of the finished model and diorama later in the finished works forum. Thanks for looking.
  2. Looking good Harv! Do you have a reference foto to compare?
  3. I‘m so curious to see the final result! Looks awesome, Jeroen! Hopefully with GI‘s with heads...
  4. Looks great (as usual) Mike Looking forward to seeing the result
  5. Much progress on your build. It seems to be no shake and bake but it will turn out very nice! I would also thin the cockpit-parts. Made the same experience like you on a 48 scale He-219 and an Aires cockpit.
  6. Great to see another Dambuster here. Good choice of subject! Can‘t wait to see the progress! Did you buy any aftermarket goodies? Which ones?
  7. You are building no model but a real plane Mike! Come on tell the truth! Amazing, amazing and again amazing!
  8. That’s really good work, Ian! Will be completely hidden after rework. Please send me the assistants you had for your work. They seem to be very competent ...
  9. For the Telford Mirage SIG this year I will build an Israeli Mirage IIIC with Atar9C engine. It will wear the colorful yellow triangles and 12 killmarks. There are several goodies I have bought for the build: Isracast/ Isradecals: - Shahak-Book - Shahak-Decals - Atar9C-Conversion - MB Mk4-Bangseat - Shafrir2-Missles Eduard: - Wheels - Interior Set - Exterior Set - Seatbelts - Masks Master: - Pitot Matterhorn Circle: - Atar9C-Exhaust AK: - Colors
  10. Sounds like a reasonable plan! This will for sure be successful, Ian!
  11. I agree and it’s nothing which can’t be done with scratchbuilding. I‘ve also done this on my Tamiya F-16:
  12. This is a great build in every sense! Can‘t wait to see the next steps! The final result will be stunning!
  13. Thanks Gaz, Which ship is it? Looks great and also as if a lot of work is required to get it right. I only have one ship in my stash: Revell 1/350 Bismarck...
  14. I can’t repeat it often enough Mike: It‘s absolutely gorgeous what you are presenting to us. Chapeau!
  15. On my bench: Lancaster crew and 3 mechanics for the diorama.
  16. Congrats Mike for the successful wedding of the upper wing and the struts! Looks really great!! Can‘t wait to see it rigged!
  17. Looking really great so far Harv! And the fit of the „special part“ seems to be ok with only little rework needed. Good to learn that the fit of the rest was nice. Looking forward to seeing it painted soon (when the weather allows it)! What will be your meantime project?
  18. Who designs a kit like this? Is this one of the build in challenges? The fit looks to be ok. Hope that no putty will be required...
  19. You are right and it’s fun and modeling to face the challenges of a kit. What makes me angry is that you pay 350€ (!) for a kit with so many faults and shortcomings.
  20. That looks great! Beautifully weathered!
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