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  1. Awesome as usual Craig! The bare metal surfaces look stunning!
  2. Awesome work on removing the first one. Nothing to be seen afterwards.
  3. Great detail work Gary. To me it’s not overdone and also look convincing from close view.
  4. Another (very special) Mirage to cross the finish line. Stunning finish in the Cheetah and beautiful build Gus! Not an easy model but awesome result!
  5. You forgot to post the pictures of the model Rob! The ones I see seem to be out of a prospect from Ducati… Stunning job and beautiful finish, love it!
  6. Now you’re back to the bench and your progress is awesome Harv! Curious how it will go on!
  7. Great work so far Harv! The walks really have to be thinned down but the overall fit looks ok!
  8. Thank you for your feedback Ernie. Really think twice to buy one. It’s not one of the best kits I had on my bench. Not well engineered and bad casting quality. All described in my WIP posts.
  9. Thanks for your feedback guys. Yours is absolutely in the same league Peter. Don’t underestimate your builds! Thank you Ernie. I‘m already old so I was obliged to learn scratchbuilding because no resin parts existed…
  10. Thank you Hans! Except the connection of the engine to the fuselage the fit was ok. Didn‘t build in all of the details because they’re not visible when finished.
  11. Can only copy Peter: Every model you build is simply stunning Mark. Awesome work!
  12. Great progress Gary. The camo came out perfect to me! I love these 109 camos with the blotches on the fuselage side. Not easy to replicate but you did it perfect. Chair is also stunning! Curious how it will look like in the end!
  13. Awesome progress Rob and great airbrush work! This is looking really sharp!
  14. Great start Peter and what a fast start you made. Awesome progress so far! Curious to see the next update!
  15. Nice progress Harv! Cutting is always not easy but important to reduce rework. I also use the Hasegawa saws but I strengthened them with stripes from old photoetch glued to the surface to make them stiffer. Easier then to use.
  16. Don’t care about the MLG Gus! It‘s an awesome looking bird! I love the camo! Can’t wait to see it finished!
  17. Can’t wait to get mine and do the splinter camo…
  18. Hi Frank, didn‘t you return to the bench ? I hope that everything is ok with you Frank? I‘m really curious to see updates of this build and the Catalina and the DB engine! Cheers Kai
  19. Thank you for your nice feedback Gus. Do you have a picture of yours or did you post an article here? You know I love the IDF camouflage and I‘m very curious to see yours! BTW: How about Your Cheetah? Can’t wait to see her finished…
  20. Thank you Harv! Thanks too! Thank you Gary, I‘m glad you like it! Thanks for the compliment Mark! Can‘t wait to see your Mirage 2000 D finished.
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