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Work Room Organisation


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Ok ... so when getting back into the hobby ... there's that inevitable "tooling up" period ...


You know ... buying brushes, airbrush, various modeling tools, paints etc ...


Organising all this 'stuff' so that you can lay your hands on it without having to get up, while in the middle of an important task, becomes a mission in itself ...


While in the LHS purchasing a rather large batch of Tamiya paints (I hate having 15 different brands around) ... I was looking at the display cage for them and thought ... "geez I wish I had something like that, so I could see the different paint labels without having to lift each one up and examine them to make sure I have the right colour" ...


So with that in mind ... I got out the old trig, a calculator and some MDF sheets I had lying around ... and embarked on this little side project ... Trivial I know, but it works for me ...

























Rog :)

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Tell you what ... you could market that !  I'd buy one.


Ohhhhhhhhhhh man, that is genius.....I so wish I could be this organized........that is one neat piece of work, thanks for sharing.




... lol fellas ... it's about the ONLY thing in relation to modeling that I have "scratch-built" ;)

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My paint storage nowadays is in an actual rolling tool cabinet, in the upper drawers. Too shallow for that kind of banked approach, I think. Maybe if I used some thinner material. I've had great luck with those little circular adhesive labels, though. Paint code and, for MM enamels, a dot of the actual color. 


Actually ... to be honest ... That was my original Idea ... but to buy a good quality tool trolley out here (the ones with bearing roller drawers) with enough room for ALL my gear - and I won't buy the cheap ones that get stuck all the time - it was going to cost me inexcess of $250-$300 ... and THEN I still had to buy a suitable "bench", lamp etc ...


I remembered my desk set up from my old banking days ... the modular heavy duty malamine stuff ... and went to see one of the local suppliers for some second hand auction stuff ...


I came away with a used 1800mm x 900mm desk and 2 castor fitted drawer cabinents (bearing rollers). Both have two small stationery drawers at the top and one deep suspension file drawer down bottom (perfect for the Dremel case, airbrush compressor and assorted larger items!! ... I even bought some thick sponge mat, drilled a hole for the AC power supply and air hose!!! with the drawer shut, the noise of the compressor is significantly muted!!).


All for less than $250 ... my extention arm magnifier lamp cost $120 ... ... I already have an old office chair ... all set up for just over $350 ... not bad ;)


Rog :)

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You used a rattle can when you have an airbrush!!??? Anyway good job on the storage!!! 


I had the rattlecan left over from a previous rental property I was living in ... when cleaning out for inspection (after 4 years) I bought a can of semi gloss white to do ceiling touch ups where some marks were left from moving furniture ... waste not - want not, and it turned out to be the perfect match for the inside of the drawers as you can see.


Besides ... at $3.50 per 10ml bottle of Tamiya acrylic white ... I wasn't going to waste 3 or 4 bottles on a peice of furniture it only cost $10 to make ;) ;)


Rog :)

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Looks good. I'd probably have just written the number on the top of the cap with a black texter, but I'm kinda lazy like that.


... well ... if I was using them every day of the week and for the last 20 years ... I might have made do with that option. ;) ;)


but since i have to read the label ... and a reference chart I made up on a spreadsheet, to check I have the right Tamiya colour ... then I doubt the idea would work for me :)

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