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Multi functional Model base


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Hello Model friends
After some years of modeling I needed a solution for a problem we all know get the model in that particular angel we can at look and install parts.
And then the most important part painting the model.
For some time I used a stand that was made of carton and it was only able to use it in 4 angles.
Now here are some of the test I made the back bone of the frame is aluminum.
It makes it possible for you to cut it in the length you need.
The wing / motor support are all laser cut from stainless steel and can be cleaned they get a scale lines on them so adjusting both sides the same width.

I have made a little base for engines and individual parts like motors, pilots, cockpits
I will post about this later.

Now For just a main fuselage support I have made a part that is full holes with M3 thread were it is easy to install board or Styreen cut by you self specific for your model to support.

The Magnetic Arm I nouw use can easily hold the junker in any position.





Rigging becomes so much easier




And my last 1st price winning model build with the help of my Multi functional model base No more stress how to place it any angle is possible and moving it around is so easy.




Now I hear you think what about the New B17 well there are bigger Magnetic stands
The frame it self can easily cope with weight I have a wider wing support beam same size as you see now only wider.
Only the price of that Magnetic stand is higher but can be used the same way like the lighter one.

Oh and on all photos the macnetic stand keeps up all the weight with out any steel plate support but when it is needed you can use a paint can to get some more hight.


So let me know if you are interested I am planning to make them and sell them as a complete kit but more about this later.

Have fun.

Johan Bos

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Looks like an interesting approach.


Obviously you don't want to show us too much of the design (for obvious reasons) but it'd be good/interesting to see how it actually works... You should patent it...


In terms of purchasing it... depends upon how much you can sell them for, but it looks more robust than the laser cut wood ones we see here and there...



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