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Mission models paint

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I use the line myself. Not on everything, but on a lot of stuff. I like MMP.  The paint is very different than all others, it’s water based, and I’ve had some adhesion problems if I mix products. Use their primer, and their reducer let’s it flow better as well.

mMP paint is thick. You must thin it go airbrush it, and a little goes a long, long way.  Use their thinner, follow their recommended mixes and vary it to your taste. 

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My LHS is discontinuing carrying MMP paint because a bottle lasts so long that they don't get the same number of sales for other brands. One of the guys at the store only used a third of a bottle when he painted the HK Lanc. 

I've used it a few times and like it. Sue likes it more as it has no odour to it when I airbrush. I have had the odd adhesion issue but nothing recent after I followed their mixing instructions (as Ernie said).

By the way, the thinner is the same as Createx (they make the paint for MMP)along with the catalyst.


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