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Hawker Bubble Canopies


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Hi all ...


Just wondering ... Is the 1/32 Canopy on a Hawker Sea-Fury the same as for a Tempest or a Hawker Typhoon??


Can't seem to find the old Squadron 'upgrade' one atm ... and I need (about 3?) for some kits here.



Rog smile.png

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Yea if getting one from fisher you may as well get the landing gear too


Ahhhh ... excellent!! ... This is the sort of thing I like - suggestions (pre-build)!!!

Ok Dave ... whats this about the landing gear? ...

I have an MDC Typhoon with vac formed bubble canopies supplied and I thought that a plastic or resin one might be a better option.


I DID read a build thread somewhere, where the builder said that the landing gear supplied with the MDC kit left the aircraft sitting too low at the front end ... he added a couple of styrene blocks inside the baysto 'space' the landing gear, giving them the correct height.


So ... would THIS landing gear (from the sea fury) be applicable to both Typhoon and Tempest?


Rog :)

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No, the Typhoon has a simple landinggear leg. The Tempest has a very complicated landinggear.

The MDC Typhoon gear is flawed as it looks like it is too short and should be raked more forward

Than the kit. I have it but cannot comment on a solution until building it.

James H built his, perhaps he can comment on it.



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