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Discontinued Silver Wings kits one-off re-release.


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I mentioned it in another post in the « Buy, sell, swap » section of the forum, but SW have decided to re-release, on a limited basis, a number of their discontinued kits.

The production run is based on firm (i.e. pre-paid) orders from the customers, so will match the actual numbers of customers for each. The deadline for receiving these orders is September 10th, so there are only three days left for you to act if you want one of those.

The list of reissued kits is :

·       1/32 Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA

·       1/32 Hawker Hart

·       1/32 A. W. Siskin IIIA

·       1/32 Fairey Flycatcher

·       1/32 Heinkel He-51

·       1/32 Heinkel He-51 B2

Needles to say I was elated to see Silver Wings listen to pleas of their customers (including mine) and come back with this offer.


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9 hours ago, biggtim said:


Would you happen to know why they chose these particular kits to re-pop? Are they the ones that are the hardest to find original issues of?



Hi Tim,

These kits were OOP (and hard to find as second-hand - the last eBay auction of a Bulldog I saw went for USD 268), and are being reissued because of customers’ demand like mine.

The asked price is a great deal, considering what I saw. And it’s a one-off production run, made-to-order.



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