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P-47 markings


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First kit I did when I returned to modelling was the Trumpeter P-47D bubbletop which I 'painted' with rattlecan Tamiya AS-12. I'd like to try it again as a proper NMF now I have an airbrush and slightly more skills. Preferably I'll use masks for the insignia and codes but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for decals for the nose art?

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I've yet to build a 32nd scale Bubble Jug, just the Hasegawa Razerback. Just love those Jugs, especially since growing up only 19 miles from the plant in Farmingdale.  Grumman was 10 miles in one direction and republic about the same in the other direction.

Looking forward to you upcoming build.

Keep 'em comin


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On 10/21/2021 at 9:31 AM, DocRob said:

I built the Hasegawa carnation of the -D as Eduards Dottie Mae and should have the decals for the following version left. If you are interested, I look for the spares and if they are complete.


Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob. That is quite an attractive scheme, certainly along the lines of what I was thinking about.

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