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I’ve been busy…..


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Some of y’all might remember I moved back in May with no time to get back to the bench in sight.  I had all of my kits in a rental storage unit up until September when we had our 12X24 storage building delivered and we vacated the rental.  Of course I’m not putting the stash in a non-climate controlled building, so they’ve been still boxed up in the “man cave” with plans to build loft storage in my garage that is semi-climate controlled. 
Well this week I got busy with the build.  Started on Sunday afternoon and wrapped up today.  I also added new LED lighting strips throughout the garage and washed the ‘66. 
The start of it Sunday 



Here’s the first shelf for kit storage I put up back in the summer


Now I finally get to focus on building my new building bench and paint booth.  No more folding cafeteria table for me!  Building something with drawers I can label for sprue numbers the kits I’m working on and not have to share the bench with the open kit box. 

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6 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Nice hiding  space you have there Scott, although it’s hard to see how your poor mustang getting wet  :)

LOL!  It was just a light sprinkle.  But honestly, it was only the second time in 22 years it spent the night outside.  First time was when I loaded it the night before on the trailer to take to the exhaust shop first thing in the morning. That was about 7 years ago.  With the new house only having the single car garage, it might be getting a few more back yard camp outs if I have to do a large woodworking project. 

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