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Righty-O Felix 100

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Happy Saturday gentlemen! I have been on a small hiatus due to a new job however the modeling continues. Here is my Trumpy Superbug with all sorts of fun stuff added. You will notice, due to my denial of the need for glasses at times that I put one of the caution triangles on sideways...oops. I hope you enjoy her!








Now back to the B-25!!








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Awesome! Wheres the WIP Pics???? I am about to start this kit very soon!

Sorry Dave I am not set up too well in the photography dept yet. I did take one of the work I did in the nose gear bay at the beginning but then I got lazy. It is weird that Aires has not done a cockpit set for this bird as of now, I imagine it is because of the way Trumpeter layed out the construction in that part of the fuselage. I used the Eduard set which is the wrong color but I was able to mask with Tamiya tape and hit it with dark gull gray. These pics don't do the build justice really, I am not one to brag but I really put some time into her...Thanks again for the nice comments!

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Awesome! That looks great!


It strange indeed... I would of thought Aires would have pit and wheel bay set out too. I have seen Super BUg models has a pit out now... But there isn't much info or reviews out there on it. I'm thinking of going with Eduard sets too for the interior and exterior and a resin bang set

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